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#RedBranchWeekly: It’s All About the Leadership, Baby

By Alison Wurth:

First off, excuse the Puff Daddy reference circa 1997 in the title. I know, I know. Since that’s off my chest, let’s talk leadership (How’s that for a transition?). Leadership comes in many forms. All leaders are unique, therefore, leading and managing in your workforce will be too.

This week, we heard some great insight from Inspire Software, Caliper and ClearCompany that we’re more than excited to share. We’re talking management advice and a plethora of performance management tips to keep on your radar.

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Management discussing leadership developmentInspire Software: Why You Don’t Need to be Extroverted to be a Successful Leader

Oddly enough, one of the most important skills a leader can have is their ability to listen. Rather than the extroverted, loud leader trope we often think of – some of the best leaders focus on listening to their team. Not simply to make people feel good, but because they’re taking in the information and analyzing it. In this article, the pros at Inspire Software break down the introvert skills that can make an impactful leader.

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Manager writing about leadership developmentCaliper: The New Manager Checklist

If you are hiring managers simply based on their credentials – you’re bound to end up with some that simply miss the mark. According to the people at Caliper, if you want to hire a great leader, you must have a list of clearly defined competencies. Put aside the nice college they went to and their impressive resume. What are they truly capable of? In this article, they show you how to create a clear list of the competencies(either skill or behavior) that your organization needs to get the job done.

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ClearCompany: Effective Performance Management: 5 Remarkable Reads

Two bosses writing about leadership development

Leadership isn’t about directly managing a team. Rather, leaders should spend time developing their employees to be independent performers. How? It’s all about performance management. The people at ClearCompany have compiled 5 of their most powerful articles on tackling performance management. So, whether you’re starting a new strategy or trying to modernize the one your company already utilizes, this list of top articles will help you enhance your team from top to bottom.

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