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Kristine’s Cartoons: MS Outlook: Still the Scourge of Email Teams Everywhere

Outlook email is the worst. If you don’t know this to be unequivocally true, go ask someone in your email department because they will tell you, it is the worst. Here’s why:
  • It’s difficult to make your email responsive in Outlook.
  • It won’t automatically take any pictures, making all emails look real dumb.
  • It takes up a ridiculous amount of storage.
  • DPI Scaling.
  • Syncing Outlook can be a pain for users.
  • Outlook users LOVE Outlook.
  • Text won’t wrap. Padding is off. and like 13 other things…
That’s why this week, we give it up to our email team (YET AGAIN) for not only dealing with outlook but also doing it during the extremely busy holiday season. All we want from Microsoft is a webkit version…