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The Best Example of Recruitment Marketing I’ve EVER Seen

Digital Telepathy EbookWell, I will be doggoned. I was working on a web site for a client and was struggling on the home page layout. I googled up some inspiration and scrolled through looking for clues. At the end, I saw a really interesting ebook that talked about getting and staying hired in UX (user experience).

I’m an information junkie, so I went ahead and downloaded (then promptly evernoted) the ebook.* The form asked if I was in any form of marketing or design, to which I honestly answered yes.

Before I’d finished reading the very jobseeker focused e-book, I had an email in my inbox that said this:


Hi Maren Hogan,

Thank you for downloading our E-Book, How to Get (& Stay) Hired in UX Design. You can access the file here at any time.

Did you know that San Diego is basically heaven on earth? If you’re looking to make a change, DT may have the job you’ve always wanted. Check out our company culture!

Big love from SoCal,

S. XXXXXX (just in case she doesn’t want all her business out there)
Talent Ambassador

That’s it! No big promises, just a quick, flattering burst of interest that let me know someone was paying attention.

It’s the best example of content marketing and marketing automation used in recruiting I think I have EVER seen.

Anyone you know doing any recruiting like this? Hit me up in the comments because it’s dynamite. Biggup to Digital Telepathy.

*Side tip: Did you know that Evernote is totally searchable, whether you take a screengrab, a PDF or part or all of a webpage? By using the Evernote bookmarklet, you can make every web search a treasure hunt and go back to search all the info on both people and subjects. Don’t forget to tag!

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