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Meet the Brancher: Cate O’Brien

BrancherAs part of Red Branch Media’s new plan of aggressive expansion we are bringing on new blood. The latest Brancher is our new content creator, Cate O’Brien. Cate says she is a “height-oriented” individual, so we are excited to see what heights she will elevate Red Branch to…it’ll be at least be 5’11” (though she prefers “almost 6 foot”).


Joan Crawford’s Tallest Cousin An Autobiography from the Acclaimed Liar: Cate O’Brien

When we asked Cate the title of her future autobiography would be, and she trumpeted her own lying skills, we decided to make sure all her content is fib-free. She is slowly gaining our trust with wacky stories though, unless her incredibly detailed account of her prized possession being a slide show about an old lady and her dogs, or the fact that she is the tallest basketball player in Nebraska are also lies (and if that’s the case who knows WHAT’S real anymore).  Given her love of author Fran Lebowitz, Cate’s ability to spin a yarn is not shocking.


No Turkey

Cate has dreams of waking up in Turkey (the country, not the bird) and being incredibly tall and tan (though she’d probably be fine with just the former) which we hope she makes come true, because having a remote worker all the way in Turkey would be fun for us too. Plus it would let her take advantage of her favorite app, Instagram, to take lot’s of  “artsy” pictures of various Turkish food.

Cate has a deep love of English Sheepdogs and a deep disdain for horseback riding, neither of which make any damn sense. As Red Branch reaches higher and higher we are excited to bring on people like Cate that have height on the brain.

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