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#NowPlaying: Brancher Top 5

It’s official. Red Branch Media has found another outlet to call home: Spotify! What could possibly be better than that? Each month we’ll be rolling out a new playlist, handcrafted from the team! According to an article from Spin.com, “…most U.S. residents listen to roughly four hours and five minutes of audio each day.” Why not spend that time with us. Check out the diverse musical taste the team at Red Branch Media has to offer and don’t forget to follow us on Spotify so you know exactly when our next playlist rolls out!
Did you hear the news? We created a @Spotify playlist with all of our favorite songs! Have a listen: Click To Tweet

How We Chose the Songs

For our first playlist, we wanted you to get to know us a little more by showing you our individual tastes in music. That’s why we’re happy to introduce to you our first playlist titled, “Brancher Top 5.” This playlist brings you each Brancher’s 5 favorite songs, which ranges from bands you’ve heard of to artist you didn’t know existed. Go ahead, indulge in the unique sound of Red Branch Media!

Why You Want to Listen

Music is a big part of the Brancher company culture. All of us have our own set of headphones, and some of our best work is fueled by the music we listen to. If you’re one of our clients, you get to hear just the inspiration we used to make those amazing emails, the epic designs and brilliant pieces of content that you’re utilizing. If you’re a Red Branch fan, you can jam along with us as we make our next big success.

Don’t believe me? Read the Design 101 series article that explains how music can inspire your creativity, right here!

How To Find Us & Follow Us on Spotify

There are a few ways to find us on Spotify. First, you’ll need a Spotify account. You can do that by going to the Spotify website and creating a free account. Unless ads drive you nuts, a free account is all you’ll need. After you’ve got your account, go to our page and click follow. By following us, you’ll get email notifications each time we put out a new playlist. We’ll be creating fresh lists for you each month, so you can listen to them as soon as we publish them! Now go download the desktop application for your computer, the app for your phone or stream music online by taking a listen to our playlist here.


“Just like our personality, this playlist expresses us in so many different ways. #werkbranch.” – Christine Harris, Executive Business Development Assistant at Red Branch Media (@ChristineRBM)

Listen to our brand new playlist while you work, drive, exercise or hang out — and make sure to follow us on Spotify to stay up to date with our newest playlists! Music is a great way to keep you motivated, inspire you while you work and to put yourself in a positive mood for the day. You can do just that by listening to our playlists! What are you waiting for? Listen to Brancher Top 5 now!

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