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#NowPlaying: Love & Heartbreak

It’s February, and while it means celebrating Valentine’s Day for some, it means dreading that day for others. Don’t worry; in this next playlist we’ve created, Red Branch Media supports you both! So, What Side of Love are you on? (Yes I spelled that right, check out song #2 on our playlist.) Listen to our fourth playlist, “Love & Heartbreak,” and enjoy this season of love and heartbreak. Don’t forget to follow us on Spotify so you know exactly when our next playlist rolls out!

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Scientific Facts About Love

Love is an amazing thing. It drives you, motivates you and can give you the courage to do anything. It also asks nothing in return. Here are a few scientific facts/quotes about love from a recent article from Fox News Magazine:

  • “Those who regularly exhibit the fundamental traits of love, such as compassion, empathy and genuine caring, tend to inspire others to do the same.”
  • “Those who are deeply emotionally attached to someone tend to feel fitter and live longer.”
  • “Especially when paired with compassion meditation, mindfulness decreases activity in the fear and anger regions of the brain. It triggers positive feelings such as empathy and helps us to become more interconnected with others, including our romantic partners.”
  • “Throughout the day-to-day realities of life, people who are in love tend to think fondly of each other, take on novel new shared experiences, and work toward each other’s happiness”

Facts About Heartbreak

Heartbreak can be an intense and depressing thing. Not only does it tug on your heart, it can have damaging effects on your body. Yes, even though it’s not a disease or can’t be seen, your body will be affected by it. Here are some facts/quotes about heartbreak from Buzzfeed:

  • “During heartbreak our brain releases high levels of cortisol, shutting down our immune system.”
  • “The psychological effects of heartbreak are similar to the psychological effects of a drug addict withdrawing from cocaine. This explains why people have tangible, physical ‘cravings’ for their ex post-breakup, and why some people form obsessive habits during periods of heartbreak (e.g. driving past their ex’s house, constantly checking their ex’s Facebook…)”
  • “The feelings a person experiences during heartbreak are also comparable to the brain state of a person deprived of food or water.”
  • “Your risk of having a heart attack is twenty-one times higher than normal after someone you love dies.”

Help Your Heart Health

Don’t get down about those facts. Whether you’re in a good healthy relationship or you’ve experienced a breakup, listening to music can be a healthy experience. Did you know? According to a “small-scale study from Greece” included in a recent article from Tom Jacobs on Pacific Standard, “…listening to either classical or rock music positively impacts two important predictors of cardiovascular risk.” Why not help your heart health today? Listen to our playlist, crafted from the heart of every brancher.

“I’ve always been a sucker for those songs that tug at the heart strings. Some of the most creative and inspiring work comes out of feelings of happiness and loss. As long as no one cuts off an ear...

– Stevie Howard, Digital Marketing Associate at Red Branch Media (@Stevie_RBM)

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Enjoy the season of love, or grieve with those who are grieving. No matter what side you’re on, we support you. Besides, listening to music is good for your heart so stock up on some good tunes to keep it healthy! Listen to “Love & Heartbreak” and enjoy the vibes. Make sure to follow us on Spotify to stay up to date with our newest playlists!

Love & Heartbreak