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#RedBranchWeekly: Focus on What Really Matters

They say that when you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. While accomplishing “anything” is a bit of a stretch, the sentiment behind it has some truth to it. If you haven’t guessed by now, the focus of this week’s #RedBranchWeekly is: focus!

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The term focus may apply to a few different things, such as areas to focus on in order to improve, or staying focused during a busy workday. Another application involves focusing on how to grow your company. That isn’t so easy, even when you’re laser-focused on your focus.

As Ringo once said, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” Our friends this week are Caliper Corp, ClearCompany, and ThinkHR. With their help and the right amount of focus, there’s almost nothing you can’t accomplish.

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Caliper Corp: Sales Effectiveness Goes Beyond KPI’s

focusing on sales KPI

Measuring success in sales means more than just looking at closed deals. It means discovering your employees’ core competencies and what area of sales they would thrive in:

“Due to the challenging and dynamic nature of sales, it can be difficult for executives to nail down goal-setting and strategic sales development initiatives amongst their sales teams when there are many paths to success and many external variables outside of a salesperson’s control.”

In Caliper’s latest article, you can discover which sales specialty your employee has the most potential in, and what they need to work on. Once you know what to focus on, the potential for closed deals and other KPIs skyrockets. Read more about this here.

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ClearCompany: Annual Performance Reviews are Over. Now What?

focus on what really matters

You’ve just completed your annual performance reviews with a new year in front of you. You’ve explained to your employees what they’ve done well, and what could use some work. How can you really help them focus on improving?

“Performance discussions open the conversation between leaders and employees, but continual conversations are how real changes are implemented in real-time. What is the next step after an annual performance review? Following-up on the discussion.”

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Having a performance review is a good start, but you need to do what you can to ensure your employees develop. There are a few good strategies to do this, as listed in ClearCompany’s latest blog. Check it out here.

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ThinkHR: March Madness 2020: The Ball is In Your Court

focus on what really matters

With March just around the corner, it’s almost time for one of the biggest sports tournaments of the year. March Madness poses itself as a distraction by having early-round games set during the day when people are usually working. How can you work around this?

“Whether you view the tournament as a minor distraction that creates an opportunity to boost morale, or as a potential pitfall of legal liability, missed deadlines, and dissatisfied customers, the ball is in your court.”

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You can use the tournament as a chance to improve engagement and camaraderie between workers, but that can be a tricky line to walk while avoiding decreased productivity. ThinkHR’s new article lays down what you should know when planning around March Madness in order to help your employees stay focused.

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