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#RedBranchWeekly: Leadership Habits to Perfect this Year!

By Marissa Litty:

There’s a misconception that leadership is a natural ability, a trait nestled in with all those qualities handed down to you from your parents. There’s not enough time to get into all the complicated research on personalities, psychology and so on, but there is enough time for this: Leaders aren’t born, they’re made. Whether you are a soft-spoken thinker or larger than life extrovert, with enough work and determination, you can be an effective manager. With that in mind, here are some great resources filled with leadership habits and tips from our partners at Inspire Software, iRevü and IQTalent Partners. If you are a manager or hope to one day land a management role, these are the things you need to keep in mind.

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Inspire Software: 5 Habits Successful Leaders Do Every Day

mountain landscape lake hiker leaderLook, it’s hard to make big-time decisions. Especially when they lead to massive repercussions (or reward!). Some like to think that the ability to think on your feet and act appropriately is innate. Fortunately, those people would be wrong. Quick thinking and accurate action come from practice, failure and experience. This article is filled with leadership habits relevant to just about any role or department. And, the best part, you might avoid some mistakes in your own leadership journey! Give it a read.

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iRevü: 5 Successful Employee Retention Strategies

hand shake professional woman deskLeaders, you’re going to love the employee retention strategies in this post. Most of these tactics can be implemented immediately. But if you’re not yet a people manager, don’t skip this. While mostly geared to retaining employees, many of the practices listed are crucial habits to learn if you ever hope to effectively lead a team. Remember the phrase, “Dress like for the role you want?” Well, here’s your chance at learning the skills you hope to use.

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IQTalent Partners: Improve Your Hiring Process with Better Recruitment

professional recruitment team discussing processEvery leader knows you can’t retain all your employees forever. In fact, sometimes a little attrition is a good thing. Or maybe, your organization is just in a growth spurt. Whatever the case, there are a few things every leader should know when it’s time to recruit a new team member. This infographic is chock full of research and stats that managers should know before, during and after a recruitment push. And for those who aren’t concerned with hiring, this is yet another resource t0 help you better understand the challenges faced by management. You can better support your own leadership team when you know the difficulties they encounter.

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