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SEO Quick Tips Tuesday

The study of the human body is an incredibly intricate field. Every bone and muscle has a specific purpose to be learned and examined so we can gain a better understanding of this machine we carry around every day. I’ve never studied human anatomy, but I can sure spin some wisdom up in here about Google anatomy! Think of Google as the human body working hard every day to deliver our needs, and the search engine result pages (SERP) as all the helpful little muscles and bones. Let’s begin.


What is a SERP?

First, what the hankydoodle is a search engine result page? This is the list of sites presented to you after entering a search query into Google. There are two types of SERP: organic and paid. We’ve briefed the concept of organic and paid search in past SEO Tips, but as a refresher:

Organic search results are all the pages that will show up on Google based on the key search terms you entered in the search bar.

Paid search results are those top results that have a yellow “Ad” box next to them. These results were paid for by companies to appear on the first page of Google according to the terms you entered in your search bar.

In the past, when Googling away your worries, you would see 10, plain Jane links appear after a search. Nowadays, Google provides a bit more variety for users when searching. Now you’re likely to see two ads and eight organic results on the front page. These results are generally a mix of news results, blogs, images, videos and even map directions depending on your search query. Google’s new middle name is user experience, making this new way of integrated SERP delivery more appealing to users.


Bottom Line?

So we’re halfway through the post and you’re thinking where is the takeaway, right? The big tip here is to integrate your business. Create video, cool photos, compelling copy and even podcasts to give your business a cutting edge. In order to optimize yourself, you need to be kind of like a swiss army knife (hold on this is relevant, just think about it). Our lifestyles are so busy and stuffed full of media, it’s gross, but we have to live with it, we have to optimize it! Giving your users all types of ways to view your content gives them a reason to dig deeper into your business and grow infatuated with your organization. The happier we can make our users, the happier we can make our one true love, Google <3.


Besides, creating video and podcasts can be fun for you and your employees. SO, if you think about it, you’re booming your business, optimizing your pages and creating company culture ALL AT ONCE. It just keeps getting better.


See ya, sailors.