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Social Video Marketing Tips for Small Business You Should Know

Business owners around the world are always searching for the best tools to improve the impact of their marketing campaigns. Social media has quickly become one of the most useful platforms for staying connected with a wide range of audiences. But in order to maintain a relevant presence online, it is important to include video content.

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Why Use Video to Promote your Business?

There are so many interesting reasons to use videos for promoting your products and services. Videos…

Boost conversion rates:

When you post quality videos on the internet, a number of viewers watch them. It increases their interest towards your niche and they naturally prefer to visit your website. Once you get higher traffic to your channel it becomes much easier to convert visitors into customers. Professionals reveal that video ads have the ability to improve your conversion rate by almost 80%.

Develop trust:

Videos have the ability to provide efficient details about your products and services. It delivers useful content to customers without taking much of their time. Stats reveal that almost 98% users make a decision about buying a product after watching explainer videos.

Are loved by Google:

Google algorithms keep on changing and they use highly advanced methods to rank websites on the first page of search results. But the great news is that Google loves videos so if you succeed with your video marketing campaigns and are able to divert more traffic towards your terminal then Google will naturally add you on the preference list. Reports say that the likelihood of first-page ranking on Google increases by 53 times with video-based marketing.

Boost social shares:

When people find your videos interesting they naturally love to share it further with friends online. This is an entertaining way to improve awareness about your product and services among end users. Around 76% social media users say that they love to share video ads with rich content.


How to Choose Video Content?

If you are new to the world of video marketing, there are so many important things to understand. While creating your video-based marketing material, the very first thing you need to decide is the type of video that will be best for your niche. Some great options include:

Explainer Videos:

The explainer videos are capable enough to deliver useful insights about product features and specifications. It is the easier way to make common people understand the technologies behind your industry.

Customer Testimonials:

If somehow you are able to get your real customers to your videos then it naturally becomes much easier to build trust among buyers.

Demonstration Videos:

This category of video is really beneficial when you launch a new product and want to make your customers aware of its benefits and usage. These videos provide details about products and services on user’s point of view.


Personalized Videos:

The customized content can catch the attention of buyers with ease and it naturally improves brand engagement while improving the trust of buyers.

After choosing the right type of video, you need to consider the proper length. That might require you to edit your video footage. Final Cut Pro for Mac or Adobe Premiere Pro are video editing options, however, both are complicated for semi-pros and beginners. Wondershare Filmora video editor is a great solution for the less experienced. The program…

  • Has an intuitive interface and is easy to use. It has a wide support for video and audio formats, so you don’t need worry about the compatibility issue.
  • Allows you to do some basic editing such as trimming, cutting, splitting, cropping, panning and rotating, but also features advanced tools like stabilization of video footage, green screen composite, video reversal, PC screen recording, object or face blurring with the Power Tool and more.
  • Has 300+ built-in stunning effects which allows you to add unique titles and text, transitions, filters, overlays and elements. There are many royalty free soundtracks in the built-in music library, and you can change the speed of the audio or mix it to make it your own.
  • Allows you to upload the edited video to social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo directly. Or, you can save it to your iPhone, iPad, smartphone, Apple TV and Sony TV. You can also burn it to a DVD.

Choosing the Right Video Platform?

Once you have created your interesting videos, choosing the platform for your content is the next important decision. There are many places to consider, but the five most popular social media networks for business owners and marketing professionals are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Each has the ability to boost your conversion rates when properly used.

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Before posting your videos online, consider these pros and cons:


If as a marketing professional, you are more interested in improving your reach to a large number of diverse audiences, Facebook is probably the best platform for you.


  • Best for insightful content.
  • Can help you to improve engagement on numbers of timelines with frequent sharing of interesting content.
  • Great for direct engagement.
  • Now offers live video options.


  • Post lifespan is shorter.
  • Content is limited only to Facebook users.
  • Difficult to add a call to action.


Those who are interested in building a strong online community and want to target more viewers will find YouTube to be most useful. However, the ranking algorithm of YouTube is not as active for breaking news type of content (unless it will be shared elsewhere or through another platform).


  • Owned by Google so it has the ability to bring higher SEO opportunities and ranking.
  • Easy to add a call to action.


  • Viewers may be distracted by other videos on the page.


Businesses developed for Millennials can choose Instagram to boost their reach and brand value, but may not suitable for people who want to post longform content.


  • Has the ability to attract a young audience.
  • Owned by Facebook so you can easily share services between both these platforms.


  • Quite difficult to divert traffic directly to your website from Instagram.


If your business, products and services are for a younger crowd, Snapchat can help you to stay connected. But, it cannot provide deep details about your business to viewers.


  • More popular among the 15 to 25 age group.
  • Provides opportunity for brand building.


  • Cannot create hashtags or link websites to help people reach your content.
  • Posted videos will die after 24 hours.


If you are interested in improving engagement with buyers, Twitter can help. Unfortunately, it does not have the ability to provide deeper details about you or your niche.


  • Offers live video with a Periscope.
  • Has hashtags that help other users find your content.


  • Cannot help target a specific audience.

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