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Tech Team, Assemble

Originally posted on Recruiter.com February 14, 2014.

bigstock-Antivirus-Concept-40512811The tech worker drought has many companies scrambling to find and keep good tech talent. Many are creating talent pipelines starting at the university level, and others are pulling out the stops with perks. One company has found a totally different way to do things, and it could reinvent recruiting for many high-skilled positions.

While many areas of the country aren’t necessarily feeling the tech talent shortage, hot tech cities like San Fran or New York are feeling it pretty deeply. In such cities, companies are struggling to get tech talent through the door, and tech workers are getting overwhelmed, and quite frankly annoyed by aggressive recruiting tactics.

Referred to by its founder Matt Mickiewicz, as “a career marketplace for the world’s knowledge workers”, Hired.com has found an innovative solution to this problem for both recruiters and candidates. Their site allows candidates to see what companies want them and how much they are willing to pay for them. On the other end, Hired.com takes the red tape and volley out of current practices for recruiters. This isn’t a solution for everyone, but it has certainly been the preferred option for many.

It goes like this: Tech candidates looking for a job can create profiles and start a bid on themselves. Companies can then find candidates relevant to their open positions and place bids on them. The candidate can then choose which company’s offer they wish to accept. Read more…