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Why QR Codes are Passe…because we say so

I was asked recently by a friend, “Are QR Codes still a thing?

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 3.24.20 PMI gave her a long explanation as to why I thought they were useless. If there are was a standard app on everyone’s smartphone then they could be beneficial but as of right now, QR codes are pointless. Most people would rather type in a short code rather than find a QR Code reader, scan the QR Code, and then (finally!) be lead to a site. Let’s just eliminate all the extra steps.

Don’t you want things immediately? So does your customer.

I asked our very smart team here at Red Branch Media the same question. Here are the results:

Out of the nine people we have in the office, eight of us agree that QR Codes aren’t useful. One person said that they were useful and I still haven’t figured out who said that yet.

Our project manager Sarah Duke said,

“I don’t use them, and I don’t know how.”

Marissa Litty said,

“I don’t use them because I don’t have a mobile device that can handle the app needed to scan.”

There are already two people that agree with what I had mentioned earlier. Going against all Courtney McGann said,

“I think they’re fun.”

I can bet that she hasn’t scanned a QR code in years. Our most famous Maren Hogan said,

“They should only be used on a bus.”

I actually agree with her. I would also enjoy watching her or someone else attempt to scan a QR Code while the bus drove away. Social Media Intern Shaley McKeever stated,

“I have found these to be extremely unsuccessful! We used these in absolutely everything in another company I interned for, and they were a complete waste of space! Most people just search what they want on their quick search link online instead of pulling up their app and messing around with these!”

So what do you think? Are they useful or not? Are they relevant for B2B marketing? We have found them to work in limited arenas like conferences or for event invitations. Otherwise, the Red Branch team is at a loss as to what in the world people use them for….Drop us a line in the comments if you use them, love them or HATE them!