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Red Branch Media Changed my Perspective on WFH

With a recent survey showing that over 61% of employees prefer being fully remote, companies like Red Branch Media are ahead of the curve on the best and most-effective WFH practices. Most companies struggled during the pandemic to set their employees up for WFH success — especially when it came to providing employees with the proper equipment they needed.

Red Branch Media has thrived as a fully virtual workplace and provides WFH equipment for each member of its team. They have completely re-instilled my belief that learning a new job from home is not only possible, but can actually be enjoyable!

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Redefining Remote

At the beginning of the pandemic, I started a new remote job — and it was a nightmare! The company did not provide me with any of the tools or resources I needed to succeed. Their onboarding process lacked nearly all the essentials:

  • There was no proper one-on-one training
  • I didn’t have the tools and technology I needed to get the job done
  • The company lacked the strong communication skills necessary to learn a job remotely

Red Branch Media, on the other hand, has completely shifted my perspective on the remote training game since I started working for them as a Content Specialist. And judging by a recent study that states 70% of the workforce will be remote by 2025, RBM is already leagues ahead in the WFH industry. From what I have seen so far, RBM:

  • Provides employees with modern, updated technologies
  • Has a strong focus on communication in a virtual setting
  • Offers an abundance of hands-on learning opportunities and advanced training

Utilizing these values, RBM set me up for success, even before my start date!

WFH Survival Kit 

The weekend before my first day at Red Branch Media, I was shipped a new Macbook laptop. Already a “win” compared to my previous remote gig, where I had to use my own personal laptop and cellular device. Using my own devices really put a dent in my workflow capabilities. My phone was constantly receiving work messages on my days off, and my computer faced issues downloading and viewing company files. It was a total headache, and it felt almost impossible to develop a work/life balance.

And sadly, according to a global study, I was not alone. An analyst firm studied 10,000 workers and found that 55% of those surveyed used personal smartphone and laptop devices for remote work. Fortunately, RBM has provided me with the tools and technology I need and even helped me get them set up. A healthier work/life balance was restored!

Installing My RBM Training Wheels

On my first day, I received hands-on training setting up my computer through a screen-share with my trainer. According to an article by Quantum Workplace, a robust onboarding process is essential for setting up remote hires for success, and only 76% of new hires feel they have what they need to work from home. My trainer at Red Branch Media onboarded me with everything I needed, including:

  • Proper hardware
  • Platform logins
  • Clear policies
  • Direct communication channels
  • Organized documentation

My onboarding process made me feel respected, organized, and like an integral part of the team. Best of all, my trainer was very open to any questions I had and remained available all day if I needed anything. Plus, I love how he broke down my onboarding into digestible chunks, so I could familiarize myself with the company’s best practices without feeling overwhelmed. This was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to Red Branch Media excelling at remote communication.

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Blazing The Trail Of Virtual Connection

By the time I clocked-in for my second day, I felt miles ahead of the game. Everything I needed to succeed was in order:

  • The company software was compatible with my laptop
  • All applications were easy to navigate and open
  • My personal phone number was not given out — hallelujah!

I not only felt welcomed by the company, but I truly felt ready for remote success, just in time for my first Zoom call to meet the rest of the team.

Upon entering the call, I was immediately greeted with a warm welcome from the CEO and an introduction to everyone on the team. We even had a fun “beginning of the day” question regarding our favorite foods. I thought this was extremely helpful in discovering:

  • Who my teammates were
  • What they do
  • What motivates them
  • How they best communicate

This icebreaker not only provided me with some insight into the people I was working with, but also helped to open the channels of communication between my colleagues. Getting to know them on a deeper level meant there was no awkwardness in trying to get acquainted. I was inspired by some of their answers; and even chose to reach out after the call to continue the conversation.

The benefits of having video calls and face-to-face interactions, even in a remote setting, extend beyond just breaking the ice. A recent study by Lifesize showed that 98% of workers stated video conferencing helped them build relationships inside and outside the company. Personally, I think video conferencing provides a great opportunity to build relationships with new coworkers.

In just the first few weeks I’ve spent working at RBM, it’s clear they prioritize onboarding in a way that shines above other remote companies. I know that I have the tools and support I need to work within my role, and I can tell that the opportunities for learning are just getting started. Moreover, RBM sets its employees up for remote success by embracing the following:

  • Creating a tight-knit community in a virtual setting
  • Being totally transparent about their best practices and values
  • Providing employees with the tools, tech, and training to get the job done

Red Branch Media’s WFH philosophies are surely what will drive their success as a business, and I recommend anyone who is looking to develop a work/life balance to consider working for Red Branch Media, where new employees are instantly set up for WFH success.

To start your WFH journey with RBM, check out current job openings or visit the Red Branch Media website to learn more.