We build the best damn marketing campaigns on the planet. And we do it for industries and companies you might not identify as easy to market (right away). Working here takes a very special kind of person.

Maren Hogan

CEO and Founder

Maren Hogan is a seasoned marketer and community builder in the HR and Recruiting industry.

Maren started Red Branch Media and, before she hired all the smiling faces you see below, she ran it on her own. In marketing for over 15 years, she has deep experience in strategic campaigns and a long-term, results-based operational approach.

Read more of her work on Marenated.com, HRExaminer.com, Fast Company, LinkedIn, Recruiter.com, Inc.com, Forbes and Entrepreneur. Follow her on twitter @marenhogan – she’s funnier there.

Jeremy Hogan

CTO and Partner

Jeremy joined Red Branch Media to handle website creation and soon became indispensable in every facet of operations, technology and management. A self-taught coder, he’s built hundreds of websites for Red Branch Media clients, but he can’t see fonts.

Eric Foutch

Digital Marketing Manager, Partner

Eric started as a social media associate and quickly proved his mettle, rising to become the head of our entire digital department. He is Google Adwords certified and works to create incredible digital and traditional advertising for Red Branch Media and its clients.

Shaley McKeever

Strategic Growth Manager

Shaley heads up content operations, SEO and oversees the social department. Her focus is on growing the digital footprint and brand of Red Branch Media clients. Her superpower is building workflows, processes and editorial calendars and it’s rare for anything to leave these hallowed halls without her eyes on it.

Marissa Litty

Corporate Communications

Marissa has grown the communications and content department via almost every possible means. Her ability to seamlessly support the departments within Red Branch Media is unparalleled. She’s yet to meet a challenge she cannot handle. Marissa has the unique power of reading Maren’s mind. If you’ve done business with Red Branch Media, you’ve met Marissa.

Kerry Pivovar

Web Project Manager

Kerry builds websites, full stop. Her ability to see past stated desire into what is needed for the project has created raving fans of Red Branch Media’s web department. She is one-step away from self-taught, meaning “Jeremy-taught” and the two work together to create beautiful, responsive, integrated websites.

Kyle Christensen

Lead Graphic Designer

Kyle manages the ever growing pile of assignments the design department receives. Whether he’s building a booth design or creating a new white paper template, he focuses on keeping Red Branch clients on brand and looking good. Oh, and he does it with a smile. His ability to make high-level design concepts into simple design tutorials is unparalleled.

Kristine Osbourne

Animation and Graphic Designer

Kristine is an artist trapped in an agency. Her knowledge of animation, hand-drawn cartoons and infographics have created content that Red Branch Media clients go wild for. Alongside her twin sister, she plans to travel the world, starting with Japan this year!

Noelle Murphy

Placed and Published Media

Noelle joined Red Branch Media right out of college and quickly rose through the ranks to shape the Red Branch Media placed and publishing department. If you see an article of ours (or one of our clients) posted on their blog, on another site, in a magazine or anywhere else, chances are, Noelle did that! Her superpower is not getting frustrated when editors don’t email her back.

Shalaina Ocasio

Social Media Manager

Shalaina has worked in the social media department since her first day at Red Branch Media, bringing order and calm focus to the social department and increasing numbers month over month during her tenure. Her focus on business administration helps her keep a cool head in a company jam-packed with creatives.

Christine Harris

Executive Business Development Assistant

Chris spends her time sending out killer proposals, booking speaker gigs and bringing in new business to the company. Born and raised in San Diego, Chris is a die-hard Chicago Bears fan and is obsessed with her dog El Machete.

Stevie Howard

Social Media and SEO Associate

Stevie joins the Social Media team from Bellevue University. She spends her days managing several social platforms for our client family. She loves running and has a passion for photography. At home she is surrounded by her one dogs, three cats and, interesting enough, three rats.

Kendra Tallman

Email Marketing Associate

Kendra joins the team from the University of Nebraska at Omaha English Department. She spends her days crafting killer email copy and writing countless blog posts for our clients. If she still has any energy after that, she spends her free time writing her novel.

Grant Eicher

Email Marketing Associate

Grant joins the Marketing Automation department from Creighton University. He will help Eric beef up our Email Marketing effort to capture leads for our clients. Currently based in Omaha, Grant recently studied abroad in Gold Coast, Australia.

Haylie Rawlings

Social Media & PR Associate

Haylie splits her time between the social and PR departments adding quality content to every publication. She studies Marketing & Management at the University of Nebraska at Omaha when shes not at the Branch and LOVES hiking.

Douglas Eicher

Web Development Intern

Doug joins the web team from Bellevue University where he studies Computer Information Systems. He lives in Ralston with his wife, his child and his cat. He loves to create, develop and travel the world.

Laura Beck

Design Intern

Laura comes to us from UNO, majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Innovation Technology. She is from Papillion where she helps out in her church in her free time. She loves Harry Potter, wants to travel the world and recently studied abroad in England and Scotland.

Erin O’Gara

Social Media Intern

Erin joins the Social Media team from UNO where she is very active in the Communications and Public Relations departments. When she’s not running social accounts, she’s eating out at Omaha’s niche restaurants and drinking wine, of course. Erin is a thrill seeking skier, zip liner and adventurist always in search of finding something new.

Richard Bergeron

Web Developer

In Richard’s former life, he was a park ranger looking for a career change. He started dabbling in web development and what started out as a hobby soon became a career. No one gets as excited as Richard when a site is finished and we get to see the reaction from the client. If kids bring parents joy, completed websites bring Richard joy.