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10 Things You Don’t Know (but should) About Courtney McGann

rodman1. She once traveled around the entire city of Las Vegas in a wheelchair.

It paid off though, she met Dennis Rodman AND the Italian Mob.

Little Courtney2. When she was little…

She used to climb out of her crib to turn on the TV at night (before she was even one).


Courtney (left) with her little sister, Hilary(right).

Sisters3. Maren accidentally dislocated her shoulder once.

And that’s not all… they actually had a slapping fight at Hilary’s wedding. It’s pretty much a common theme. If you can’t tell by now, Maren and Courtney aren’t just co-workers. They’re sisters.

4. She can sleep anywhere.

5. She doesn’t like a certain kind of pie, but no one can remember which.

6. She has the biggest mouth that most dentists have ever seen.

cave7. She won’t let pedicurists remove her wolf pads.

Yes, I know these aren’t her feet. But Courtney is semi-normal meaning she doesn’t post pictures of her feet to Facebook. So these will have to do.




Wolf-PadsJust kidding.

I just found this. I take it back.

Bitch-Please8. She is probably the only woman in her twenties…

who loves to cross stitch! To the left is one of her many creations. Courtney definitely makes cross stitching cool.

Apartment9. She hates big cities and would rather be at home than Europe.

I mean with awesomeness like this in her kickass downtown loft, can you blame her?



10. It’s her birthday today! 

So don’t forget to wish her a Happy Birthday! Tweet at her on Twitter at @CourtneyIsNeato or add her on Facebook (if you’re not a creep) and wish her a happy day! CHEERS Courtney!

Love, Red Branch Media.