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25 Ideas for How to Become the Boss Lady in 2017

Welcome to the year 2017, where the variety of career paths is extensive. All you need is the drive to reach a new level in your career and the determination to become your own boss. If you’re not sure where to start, here are 25 options to start working for yourself in a brand new career:

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1. If you’re great with specific subjects, start a tutoring business.

2. For those that have a sweet tooth and know your way around the kitchen, start an online bakery from your home.

3. If you like to write, start your own blog or write for blogs that interest you.

4. Are you already well-experienced in the childcare field? Start a small daycare business in your home.

5. Come up with a theme you love, and start your own subscription box business.

6. Since you already know your way around your city, start your own delivery business. From groceries to last minute items, your community will be thankful for your services.

7. For those that have experience in business or marketing, become a consultant for other start-up companies.

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8. With all of the craft ideas that are popular online right now, make and sell home decor crafts.

9. There are various occasions that call for a good eye and a camera! Grab a planner and start your own photography business.

10. If you are great with social media, become a social media manager for local or online businesses. If you stay organized, you could handle several accounts at once and gain loyal clientele.

11. The grass is always greener… where you water it. Become a professional landscaper.

12. With online business booming, learn some of the many drag and drop websites like Wix or Squarespace and become a web designer.

13. While you’re in the web design business, purchase a graphic design program and offer some logo design work, too.

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14. Weddings are the most beautiful and potentially the most intense events to plan. If you’re great with details, become a wedding planner.

15. Live bands are one of the highlights of a wedding reception! If you’re a musician, clear your weekends and start getting your name out there.

16. Burn some calories while making money. Become a personal trainer or local coach.

17. Many companies need a virtual assistant to transcribe video or audio clips, edit documents, or manage a company email inbox. The best part: you get to pick your own hours.

18. If you have teaching skills and love playing an instrument, teach private lessons or create video tutorials for teaching technical skills.

19. There are numerous direct sales companies to choose from nowadays. Pick your favorite brand and run with it.

20. Calling all songwriters! Grab a pen and be a jingle writer for the businesses in your hometown.

21. If you have an eye for color as well as a knowledge of decor and fabrics, grab some business cards and be an interior designer!

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22. Do you have an extra room in your house? Gain a roommate and some cash while renting it out.

23. Start your own knitting business. From hats to infant outfits, you’re sure to gain some customers through your own website or social media pages.

24. What do birthday parties, retirement celebrations and anniversary gatherings all have in common? They all need an event planner! Brush up on your decorating skills and go for it!

25. Do what you love. Find a way to make your passion into a business plan!

Say goodbye to the dreary Monday through Friday 9-5 routine. Run after all of those dreams and promote yourself right to the top. Be your own boss lady in 2017.

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