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3 Stunning Free Stock Photo Packs for Marketers, Recruiters & HR Pros

By Kyle Christensen: 

Do you use stock photography for your business? What about job ads, your website or anything online? You’ll need to make sure you use proper stock photography because one bad photo could turn away your solid lead or next great candidate. Not to mention, there are tons of rules on which stock photos are legal to use where. Don’t worry, build your stock photo library with these 3 stunning and effective free photo packs I’ve found and curated below!

Not sure how to use stock photography at all? Learn the basics, here!

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Pack 1: 500+ Scenery, Landscape & City Scene Photos

These scenery packs are perfect for blog articles & job ad background images. City and landscape photos also serve as great images for blog posts if you’re in a pinch and need a quick photo. Pro tip: I would recommend simply making sure the photo you use relates to the content. It seems like common sense, but mismatched photos in content is often overlooked — don’t let yourself make that mistake! A candidate or viewer will notice.

Download the Scenery, Landscape & City Scenes Pack

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Pack 2: 160 Free Business-Themed Stock Photos by Hubspot

The majority of your work will require photos these. Hubspot’s business-themed stock photos pack is one of the best free photo packs out there for marketers, recruiters and HR professionals in my opinion. This collection features a ton of images that can be utilized for nearly any project you’ll work on. Images include employees working, using office equipment and technology, meetings and office supplies.

Download the Free 160 Free Business-Themed Photo Pack

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Pack 3: A Monthly Free Photo Pack Subscription for Unique Photos

Why would you want unique photos? They make you stand out. You never know what project you’ll take on next, what client you’ll welcome or what candidate you’ll want to reach. It’s a good idea to have access to all sorts of photos and ones that your potential clients and candidates haven’t seen on job sites. With Death to Stock, that’s possible. For free.

At Red Branch Media, we have a paid subscription for Death to Stock, but you can sign up for monthly free packs delivered to your email inbox. What makes this source so great is that they have professional photographers on hand who take beautiful photos you can’t get anywhere else on the internet. The quality is amazing and the uniqueness is unparalleled. If you have room in your budget, consider a paid Death to Stock subscription for unlimited all-access to these photos. If not, get started with monthly packs for free below!

Download and Start your Monthly Free Subscription for All Types of Photos

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Skip the Packs! Browse a Beautiful Library of Photos Here

Unsplash is your answer. It is the ultimate free site with an insanely awesome library of photos for you to download right there on the spot. It’s so great, that we even use Unsplash here at Red Branch Media alongside our paid subscriptions. What’s more is that you can find just about anything you can think of that you’ll need for just about any project. They’re a force to be reckoned with and an excellent source you’ll want by your side while you’re working. Just be sure to consider your project and rules of creative commons when using websites like Unsplash to collect imagery. Here’s a quick look at theirs.

Try Unsplash Now, for Free!

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An attractive photo can help tip the scales to make that potential candidate click or help your design piece gain that lead you’ve been looking for. These photos are a great start and will provide you with an astonishing library. Bookmark this page and share it with your colleagues! If there’s one thing that rings true that I can say as a professional graphic designer, it’s that good design means good business.