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3 Reasons Red Branch Makes B2B Marketing Sense Right NOW

Editor’s Note: B2B Marketing is moving back to pre-2020 levels in both competition and spend. Here are 3 great reasons to partner with Red Branch Media to hit the ground running (yes one of them is value…)

My house is at the top of a hill, so when I drive home, I see it, all lit up at the top of the hill. I don’t notice that the paint is chipping on the porch ceiling or that the Adirondack chair is tipped over in the front yard (hey, it’s white, and the yard has been covered with snow for weeks… YOU go pick it up!) I just notice how lovely it is and how inviting. It’s easier sometimes to see beauty from a distance.

As CEO, I spend a lot of time selling our B2B agency to…well anyone who will listen. And in so doing, I often come up with some serious humdingers when I talk about how great we are. Because truth be told, sometimes you have to look at something from the outside in order to really appreciate how cool it is. I have been explaining our firm (from a distance) to some folks over the past few weeks. Here are some things I think worth noticing:

We’re a heck of a deal

In most markets (Omaha included) you’d pay around $7500 in compensation, benefits, office space, PTO, insurance, and associated costs for just ONE mid-level marketer. And no matter how talented that marketer might be, it’s impossible to be proficient at every aspect of marketing including web development, design, digital ads, social media, PR, content creation, lead scoring, SEO, strategic planning, and so much more. If you DID find such a unicorn it’s really hard to find the actual time to get all those things done. That’s why Red Branch Media is the right choice for marketing teams large and small.

We’re used to working from a time zone, country or several continents away

Our outsourced membership model, once a sticking point for some companies (who preferred a face to face approach), is now the way most of the world works, at least for the time being. Our differentiator is that we’ve been collaborating and delivering for over a decade in this manner. We know how to be transparent, efficient, and provide value. Not instantly, but pretty darn close. Memberships allow clients to see everything, including time tracking, deadlines, internal conversations, notes, approvals, priorities, you name it.

Not to be all FOMO about it, but it’s time to re-stoke the Marketing Engine

The sooner you start, the sooner you see results. There is already a scramble for vendors excited to take advantage of company budgets, frozen or glacial during the pandemic, finally opening up. We anticipate this will continue through Q2 when opening travel and vaccination surges will bring people back to the office in some format. Any companies serving the enterprise should be positioning themselves NOW to take advantage. We’re good but we can’t get SEO results overnight, or make SQLs appear out of thin air. We need a little runway.
If you want to work with us, those are three amazing reasons to start right now. The other reasons are our stellar results. 2021 is the year we’re ALL building back better.