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30 ways to Optimize Articles or B2B Content

Synopsis: 30 ways to optimize articles or B2B content and make it longer. Writing articles is pretty much our bread and butter here at Red Branch Media. We write B2B Content regularly. And while we love our content to be original, many times part of our goal is to make high-ranking content or popular articles even longer. 

We have templates for everything from different types of blog articles, to 10X, to pillar pages and guides. However, sometimes you just need to leverage some content relatively quickly. Lengthening content should always have a goal in mind, and should always take the reader into consideration.

These 30 ideas are for articles that have already been written. Sometimes these articles are already live on a blog and occasionally, the content marketing pro has just written them. Many of these, when done correctly, can help increase SEO, offer a clearer picture to the reader, increase word count (obvs), and nurture the reader further down the funnel. Others simply offer a more well-rounded view of the subject matter. Either way here’s hoping these help you as you are lengthening your content!

30 Ideas to Lengthen Content

  1. Add a quote from an influencer or stakeholder in the organization. 
  2. Add a highly regarded book or resource to each section (most articles should have an intro and a conclusion and a CTA with three supporting paragraphs in between.)
  3. Add a specific tip to each sub paragraph.
  4. Add an example to each sub paragraph.
  5. Add a related client article to each sub paragraph.
  6. Add a related resource to each sub paragraph.
  7. Add a paragraph or list from a related resource with a CTA in the middle. 
  8. Add 2-5 statistics from a client statistics brief to each sub paragraph.
  9. Add a product tip to each paragraph.
  10.  Add a related podcast to each sub paragraph.
  11. Chop up an infographic to each para and then write the infographic copy out underneath.
  12. Add a quick list of experts to follow under each sub paragraph.
  13. Add steps underneath each sub paragraph or in the middle of the article.
  14. Use the alt headline or email copy from the template to create a “middle section” in the article.
  15. Write out a video description and use the video in the middle of the article.
  16. Add LinkedIn groups, medium blogs, quora questions, and other community forums in between each sub-para.
  17. Add industry pages if the client has them. 
  18. Look for analysts that cover the client category and add them in. Either feature them, feature something they’ve written, add in an executive summary, or mention a webinar or event they have coming up.
  19. Add in a webinar or event the client will be attending that is related to the content.
  20. Play ping-pong with another Brancher and ask them to fill things in.
  21. Try to reframe the paragraph as a question and ask it underneath.
  22. Add a KPI to measure success regarding each sub-paragraph. 
  23. Create CTAs specifically to sign up for the blog for more content on KEYWORD.
  24. Add in use cases or pieces of the buyer personas that relate to the content.
  25. Add a 3 question quiz to the middle (all As, Bs, Cs). 
  26. If not a how-to blog, then add a how-to section to each paragraph.
  27. Feature a partner or a case study section that relates to the topic
  28. Try to create a visualization and ask if a designer can help create it. 
  29. Curated content sections under each paragraph.
  30. Add a “terms to know” section (mini-glossary.)