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The Bonafide SEO Articles to Propel Your Search Strategy

By Nick Fountain: 

It’s already April, but how are those resolutions you set in January going? Not great? You’re not alone; most people only stick to their resolutions for a few weeks because they don’t get instant results. To quote Kevin Hart, “everybody wants to be famous but no one wants to put the work in.” Thanks, Kev. Much like reaching your personal goals, SEO takes time for results as well. However, you don’t have to improve your search strategies alone. The search community has produced some of the SEO articles for the experts, managers, prodigies, gurus, coordinators, novices, beginners and wizards.

From important trends to what small businesses can do to help their search performance, continue reading to discover what the thought leaders in search have found:

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12 SEO Goals for 2019: Ideas That Will Inspire You

Much like your goal to get back into the best shape of your life, save up to buy your next home or find yourself on a spiritual journey, there are goals you need to set for your SEO strategy. In this article, Mindy Weinstein, a contributor at Search Engine Journal, explains the 12 tactical and professional goals you should set.

These goals include staying ahead of new technology and knowing its impact on SEO, improve page load speed and even ensuring your customers are happy. Click on the title to get the full scoop!

Inside Google Marketing: 3 Ways We Think About SEO

Sean O’Keefe explains the three ways you need to think about when you are dealing with SEO. This article is straight from Google itself, therefore it is pretty trustworthy. The three things Sean outlines and explains are as follows:

  • Start small
  • Do not fear changes
  • Consolidate your content

Incremental changes add up over time, therefore if you constantly improve, you will ultimately generate the results you desire. Search engines change how they crawl and search for things constantly. It is the norm in the search world. So why would you fear something that is considered normal? Lastly, consolidating your content can help you optimize your ranks. If you have multiple sites or pages that are about the same things, users AND the engines will get confused.

The Top 10 SEO Tools Marketers Want in 2019

This article outlines the best tools for SEO. They are broken down into five sections: competitive intelligence, website crawlers, backlinking tools, link-building tools, and free stuff. Competitive intelligence tools give you insight into your desired target market. For example, SEMrush gives you so much insight, from keyword difficulty to the number of backlinks your competitors are generating.

With these types of tools, you can see how your competition is doing and follow suit. Your website crawlers can give you valuable information in audits, so you can see what is wrong with your site. ScreamingFrog is a great tool for this! Now for backlinking tools, these show where you can target links so you can begin link-building. Speaking of link-building, there are many tools that help you reach out and gather as many as possible so you can build up authority. Lastly, Google has a free tool called Search Console, which provides valuable insight into how people interact with your website.

SEO: Converting Keywords to Link Authority

This article, from Practical Ecommerce, lays out how you need to convert your keywords into thought leadership. Jill Kocher Brown, an SEO expert from Chicago, explains how you can take simple keywords and its data and turn it into valuable traffic. Throughout the article, she addresses how you need to approach a content strategy, how each piece should be designed, how to collaborate and finally, how to promote your content.

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Google Search Console for small businesses

Small businesses need love, too! An important tool for small companies to weaponize is Google Search Console. Recently, it has undergone an update and SEO expert Mike Zima explains the three new things you need to use from this update. The Performance Report, formerly known as the Google Analytics section, the best thing for you to use.

You get every bit of knowledge and data related to your website so you can make educated decisions regarding your SEO strategy. Second, the Index Coverage Report gives you information about backlinks and where the links in your content are blocked. It also helps you understand how you perform in the Search Index. The AMP status report allows you to see what issues are wrong with your URLs and how you can fix them.

Things Designers Should Know About SEO

Alright, designers. Don’t think you’re off the hook! Here is what you need to understand about SEO. If you’re confused about what or why you need to know, don’t worry. Muzli has published a rundown of the basic things you need to keep in mind when you are designing. From focusing on mobile-first indexing to targeting voice search, there are easy tidbits of knowledge for you to have your site perform better.

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