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5 Productivity Tools to Check Out Today

I’m always on the lookout for tools that make my business life a little easier. Because of my severe reliance on email (crippling actually) many of the tools I will cover today will be in that avenue.

As a quick caveat, does anyone else find the sheer number of new tools to be a bit exhausting at times? Not because they are all mediocre but because many of them are so stinking cool, that I need to find the time to try them.

HubSpot’s Sidekick

At an agency, we’re lucky that we get to work with all the cool marketing automation systems and get the best of all worlds. From Eloqua to Sharpspring, Salesforce to Sugar, Marketo to Infusionsoft, we’ve tried them all. I really like the functionality that Sidekick brings to the table. It basically alerts you when a hot lead is doing something you’ve deemed “Important” (scanning your pricing table, downloading gated content, interacting with one of your team on social media). It’s highly valuable. That said, it can be overwhelming if you have more than one client on the platform. Designate a project leader for each instance of Sidekick you have installed (it’s a browser plugin).


This is Gmail app that makes attractive, easy to scan Gmail newsletters from a “clipper” that hangs out on your toolbar while you browse the web. It also works within Gmail to help you reach the people that are already contacts. Basically, the functionality and ease of Gmail with the tracking and list separation of Mailchimp or Vertical Response. It looks great and makes putting together a curated newsletter super simple. It does have a 2000 email limit BUT getting started with the service is FREE.


I’ve written about this tool before. Not only does it allow you to schedule emails (simple) but it also allows you to follow up with busy people on a regular basis (by automating it). It’s very valuable for those people in your life whose inboxes are overflowing.


I didn’t realize how useful this would be until I started using it. Tabcloud essentially helps me take my tabs with me, no matter what device I’m working on. Useful for writing and researching as I am right now (with a sick kid lying next to me in my bed instead of down at my office).


This plugin allows you to set time limits for tasks and shuts you out of social networking sites once you’ve reached it. Once installed, it’s stunning how much time I realized I was wasting either unproductive or frittering away time on social media. My productivity soared!

What cool new tools are you playing with? Found anything worth sharing lately?