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6 Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Workweek

Hey there! This is our new column with all the news that’s (not) fit to print…or fill up a blog post. HR Tech is an exciting industry filled with lots of personalities and we thought we’d give you a shove in the right direction based on what we’ve seen going down. Read this if you’re interested in what HR Pros, Consultants and Curmudgeons are saying on the internet…and beyond! Plus there are some really useful tidbits in here for your workweek too.


In a private Employer Branding Group. “Hey we’re not selling cheetohs here, this is a real job that can impact someone’s life!” Some days, I think we all wish we were selling Cheetohs. (Facebook)


Check out MailChimp’s AMAZING recruiting cards they created just for job fairs. Steal this idea now because soon these “job descriptions as trading cards” will be the latest thing (which means passe.)


In response to a Universum study quoted in Financial Times, Paul Hebert sounds off about how Millennials are more similar than different and how all these articles “are a dime a dozen”. (Facebook)

Another List, Another Drama:

Glassdoor released its Influencer list recently and all the opinions came out to play. At this point can we make it into a DIY recipe. It goes like this:
Person 1: I am honored to be on this list with so many great people!
Person 2: Well, I’m honored too, but I’ve been on so many lists, I’m totally over it. But psyched for you guys that care!
Person 3: There are no practitioners on this list so it is invalid.
Person 4: Guys, this is just marketing. Chill out.
Person 3: Real practitioners don’t even need lists. I mean I’ve been human for 50 years so, I am like MORE human than any of you.
Person 1: Interesting to see everyone’s perspectives!
Person 5: Sorry too busy being awesome to care about lists but I sorta hate that I’m not on it.
Person 4: Hey we’re all friends! Let’s get along!
Person 6: I just care about the consumer and how lists like this are leading new HR pros astray.
<end scene after repeating ad nauseum> (Bryan Chaney’s FB Wall)


So this guy was super rude to a recruiter on the “toooooob” and it blew up in his face. Meanwhile Matt Buckland (@ElSatanico) once made fun of Maren’s twitter following sooooo….payback? (Buzzfeed)

You’re FIRED:

A rare glimpse into the mind of a founder or manager who has to fire someone. Spoiler Alert: it blows. (LinkedIn)


Maren was in Forbes. It was super real. (Forbes, duh)