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7 Small Business Resources for Entrepreneurs

By Marissa Litty

About 20% of small businesses fail within the first year and 50% fail in their fifth.

We’ve all heard this or similar statistics about the livelihood of startups and small companies. It’s a tough world out there for small businesses and their owners. You’ve probably clawed yourself through some pretty tough situations by now. Or maybe you’re still amidst some challenges. In either case, we’ve seen and read our fair share of small business resources. Heck, Maren (@marenhogan) has written tons of posts culled from her own experiences as a small business owner. Some of those are included here along with other great guides and pieces of advice:

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9 Facts Small Business Owners Should Know [Video]

There’s a lot to learn about owning a small business, and most of it just has to be experienced. Just ask Maren, our CEO. Of course, we don’t want you going through it completely blind. That’s just not the Brancher way. We collected stats and insights from around the web and wrapped them in a nice video package so you can watch and learn.

3 Ways Small Businesses Can Save on Digital Marketing

There is no escaping the fact that more small businesses fail than succeed. Generally, it all boils down to financials, so staying on budget (or under) is key. This quick read covers cheap but effective ways to approach digital marketing for your company. While you’re at it, this additional small business resource about marketing your company on a small budget is a quick read with even more actionable tips.

The Meltdown that Brought Our Startup to Its Knees for 15 Hours

Groove is customer service software for small businesses that began as a startup. Alex Turnbull, founder and CEO of the company, uses his blog to document his startup journey and pass on wisdom along the way. This post in particular addresses every small biz owner’s worst nightmare: an unexpected product error that affected all customers. It’s a lesson in humility, quick response and apologies. Honestly, there are a ton of great lessons on the company blog, but this is one that has stood out since the first read.

How to Hire for Your Startup & Still Sleep at Night [Downloadable Guide]

Hiring is one of those things that even established enterprises struggle with. Whether you’re welcoming your first employee or the 15th, the pressure is high for startups or small businesses. It’s hard to hand over some of the reins and even harder to entrust someone else with something as personal as your company. This guide covers everything from budgeting talent acquisition to creating your job descriptions and more.

Get Feedback Right in Your Small Business [Podcast]

Recruiting and hiring a team is only the first step. Feedback is the key to keeping your workforce moving forward and in the direction you envisioned from the beginning. Unfortunately, the daily grind can quickly overcast long-term thinking and succession planning. This podcast is a quick listen to accompany your commute or morning planning session. It will touch on the basics of delivering employee feedback and provide 5 ways to implement a better process in your organization.


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