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Kristine’s Cartoons: RBM Dress Code

dress code

Sometime last year, when Red Branch Media was in its old office, I saw some people wandering around our (then empty) building. Although I was slightly sweaty, having run into work that day and very, shall we say, unkempt, I wanted to find out if we were getting new neighbors.

I ran face first into four nattily dressed professionals, fresh from our nation’s capital. They looked good. I did not. They work with multi-million dollar contracts, I had had my niece’s rubber band trying (and failing) to hold back my hair.

In case it seems hard to grasp, we don’t really have a dress code. And while I did put my foot down when I saw bare feet (shudder), flip flops are a-okay. We’re just a casual bunch. We come in, do our work and go home. Dressing up is for clients.

I always thought we’d grow out of it when we got our offices but while we’re super professional, our outfits are more stretch pants than pantsuits. Does a dress code really matter, though?

Recruiter’s Matt Kosinski asked that very question and got a variety of answers. One, in particular, caught my eye. The gist of it is, suits are for clients and relaxed “hoodies and jeans” wardrobes are more for talent. I think that’s true here. (See above cartoon).

Back to my original story, though. While those fancy dressers did admit they were surprised by my appearance that day, they did so over a very nice bottle of Bordeaux as we were toasting the first stage of our partnership. Yep, despite my frizzy hair, sweaty headband and exercise gear that has seen better days, those gentlemen signed us on to do their website and train some of their staff on small business efficiency.

Did we dress up when they came in the next time?