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#NowPlaying: Celebrate Pride Month in Style with RBM’s Playlist + How to Live Your Best Work Life

If you ask our branches, most will tell you the best thing about Red Branch Media is our incredible company culture, pride, feminist values, and amazing inclusivity. As you can imagine, Pride Month is a pretty big deal at the branch. To celebrate, we all contributed to a ‘feel-good’ pride playlist to keep the excitement rolling all month long.

If you’re looking for feel-good vibes, uplifting melodies, and a lot of self-love, then tune in with us as we stream our new favorite playlist. As an added bonus, keep reading for ways to keep the vibe going at work with these expert tips on how to live your best work life!

Ready? Listen to RBM’s Pride Month playlist at the bottom of the article!

Tip #1: Put Your Best Foot Forward with a Positive Morning Routine

According to BambooHR’s 15 Ways To Have A Positive Attitude At Work article, one of the best ways to live your best, positive work life is to develop a morning routine. The article explains that your routine should simply consist of a few things that make you feel good and avoid things that can bring you down (like checking your phone first thing in the morning). I love this method because it ensures you’re bringing your best self to work, for yourself and for your team!

For example, maybe you like to sit down with a cup of coffee for 15-30 minutes and read a little bit of that book you’re working through (or listen to this Pride Playlist)! Whatever your choice of self-care, fit it in first thing in the morning to reap the benefits all day long.

Try This: Starting tomorrow, wake up 30-60 minutes earlier than you usually would so you can work in a new, positive pre-work routine. I have a feeling you won’t regret it!

Tip #2: Practice Empathy (and Ask for Help)

According to the Forbes article, How To Embrace Positive Thinking At Work, they explain to “treat co-workers with empathy” and that “…there is no such thing as showing too much compassion at work.” What does that mean?

Work can get busy, and times can get overwhelming, but it’s important to know that you’re not the only one at work who can feel this way. But instead of just recognizing this, it’s important to keep an attitude of positive reactions and encouragement.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed:

  • Take a moment, breathe, and thoughtfully organize your day.
  • Decide what you can reasonably tackle, and don’t be afraid to ask for help!
  • Remember that burnout is bad for you, as well as the company overall. Your team is there to support you so everyone can thrive!

When your co-worker(s) are overwhelmed:

  • Recognize how hard it is for some to ask for help; Remember a time when you felt overwhelmed and try to react with empathy.
  • Support your coworker with words of encouragement, as well as action.
  • Collaborate as a team to divvy up the work and achieve your goals together.

Tip #3: Collaborate, Dream Big, and Celebrate as a Team

Finally, here’s a tip I can share from branch work life. One of my favorite things about the branch is our positive work culture. This environment is carefully cultivated through an effort on everyone’s part to collaborate, work as a team, and celebrate wins together.

The results of this positive work environment are increased happiness at work, higher morale, and trust in the team that always has your back. Here’s how we do it:

When we receive client projects, the whole team contributes to the research and the execution. That way, we know the result is a culmination of the best minds in the industry and delivers the best results for our clients.

When it’s all done, and the client is happy, we celebrate those wins in literally all forms:

  • We celebrate wins via team group G-chats with positive words, memes, and gifs.
  • We post to our internal work platform (monday.com) to identify what went well and shout out the individual(s) that cultivated a new skill or reached new heights to make it happen.
  • We send a company-wide email explaining the win and how it impacted the client positively, and everyone replies back to the email with uplifting memes, GIFs, words of affirmation, and congratulations.

Red Branch Media has done some amazing things, and we continue to do so. But we know none of it was done by just one person. Instead, we celebrate our entire team for their uniqueness, their individual abilities, and the beauty that transpires when we all come together just as we are.

As we pay homage to our branchers, awards, milestones, and accolades achieved together,  we also pay homage to the songs that make us feel proud or be uniquely ourselves. Listen to Red Branch Media’s Pride Month Playlist below!


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