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#NowPlaying: The Sound of Red Branch + What Makes RBM Amazing

Red Branch Media is comprised of a diverse range of people, skills, cultures, living locations, and you guessed it, music tastes. That begs the question… what does RBM sound like? You can’t just ask us that, right?

Hold our beer because we have the answer to that very question. This new playlist we’ve created was built by each brancher, combining all of our musical tastes into one comprehensive playlist. Pretty cool, huh? Listen to it here, plus you’ll find out what makes working at RBM so amazing.


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The Infamous Monthly Eatin’ Meetin’

At Red Branch, we all get together like the old office days once a month for a whole-company meeting. All-hands meetings are fun? Yup. We redefined the all-hands meeting by meeting up once a month where we share our successes, proud-ofs, eat food that’s been delivered to our homes from the partners, play games, and just hang out. It’s something we all look forward to, and we all feel we’ve earned it because we all work hard each month.

Why You Should Do This, Too:

  • Long Time, No See: An eatin’ meetin’ is great for people who don’t work with others often that are in different departments, to see them in a real light.
  • Brings Everyone Closer Together: All-hands meetings can be a great experience, and doing them this way is a sure-fire formula to bring your team closer together.
  • Something to Look Forward To: Eatin’ Meetin’ is a great thing to look forward to each month. It’s that hard-work-paid-off kind of feeling, and it’s a way to feel appreciated because your team really does appreciate you.

Not One, but THREE Stipends!?

You heard that right. At Red Branch Media, we each get THREE stipends.

The Conference Stipend: Each year we get a stipend to better our learning through conferences, online learning, etc. We believe in continuous learning because we know that trends are always changing and skills are always evolving. This is why we encourage our branchers to attend the latest and greatest conferences and online learnings each year. Why? Because we strive to be the best damn marketing agency in the world, and that happens with the amazing people who make up Red Branch.

The Internet Stipend: Since the pandemic, the Red Branch office has moved to full-remote. With this change comes a high volume of personal internet use. The leadership at RBM recognizes this and provides EACH brancher with a little funding to help with their internet bills. How amazing is that?

The Work from Home Office Stipend: This stipend happens EACH QUARTER! The leadership team at RBM offers a stipend each quarter for each brancher to add a little something to their office to make it a cozier, better place to work at. What’s even better is that it’s not limited to anything. Want a nice lamp? Done. Want a Pikachu plushie to keep you company? You got it. Want a bobblehead of yourself? It’s yours. The options are endless!


You could say our #companyculture is pretty amazing. Find out what makes @RedBranch the best place to work, plus you’ll get a free #playlist all of the branchers contributed to so you can hear what we sound like! Click To Tweet

Quarterly Mental Health Mondays

At Red Branch Media, we support the mental health of our branchers. That’s why it’s important that we keep our Mental Health Mondays to a quarterly, not a yearly basis. How does it work? Each quarter we shut down the office so all of us can recharge, recoup, and take the day to do things that make us happy. It’s something we all appreciate at the branch, and encourage you and your company to do as well. While we love working at Red Branch Media and can go on listing the things we love about working here, the point of this article is to encourage you to try these things out at your company so you can build a happier, more engaged workforce.

Change the way you do all-hands meetings by implementing your own eatin’ meetin’, redefine what it means to be a company that provides for their employees by offering multiple customized stipends, and recognize the importance of mental health by offering quarterly Mental Health Mondays. After all, we believe great company culture helps make great employees. Now go out there, try these things, and listen to this amazing playlist our branchers put together for the world to hear!

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