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#ClientKudos: iRevu, Real-Time Performance Feedback Technology, Launches New Website

New Site Features Increased Product Exposure and Seamless Demo Sales Workflow

Who’s in the news?

We’re putting our hands together to congratulate our client, iRevü, a real-time feedback technology company. This week, iRevü launched their brand new website and blog with completely refreshed branding and functionality.

“The clean, polished and relatable look parallels the simplicity of the intuitive product. The new site sells iRevü in a comprehensive way anyone can understand. ” – Eric Foutch, Project Manager


Included in the project development is a custom ROI calculator. The user is able to input their own company information to see in real-time how much they can save with the iRevü product.

“A main goal of the site redesign was to better sell the product. We had to lay out the site in a way the user could learn about the product and, in one-click, register for a demo. The new site does just that.” – Kerry Pivovar, Web Developer


Using a bold new color scheme, captivating real-life work photography and a clean modern layout , our team was able to create a user-friendly aesthetic and convey the anywhere, anytime capabilities of iRevü. (I might be biased, but I think it’s one of the sexiest sites out there.) – Kristine Osbourne, Graphic Designer at Red Branch Media

Not to toot our own horns (or maybe definitely, proudly tooting them) The Red Branch web dev and design teams maaaay have had something to do with the beautiful design and easy to navigate interactivity; But ultimately, we couldn’t do it without the incredible direction and vision from the iRevü team. We understand the pressure of launching something completely new and different to refresh your brand image and user experience. So cheers to you, iRevü, and thank you for picking us to help you along the way!

“I couldn’t be more excited about our new online presence. I love how fresh it now is! I wanted to turn our website from a basic content provider to an educational, interactive extension of our vision.  The Branchers very quickly understood my ‘voice’ and translated that into something special for us.  We now have a phenomenal lead generating marketing tool.  I’m confident people visiting the website now will spend more time here and come back for new information frequently.” – Michael Heller, CEO & Founder of iRevü

Functions that make us fall in love with iRevü, every day:

  • Give and receive real-time feedback between management and employees in five minutes from your phone or computer
  • Fast, no credit card needed, application for a 30-day free trial on the homepage
  • Quick ‘chat now’ function to welcome users to the site
  • The ability to build culture and productivity in a zip!

Obviously there are 1,000 more reasons… but we want you to fall in love yourself.

I love love, count me in!

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About iRevü:

iRevü is a real-time, performance feedback platform for employee and employers. At iRevü, annual performance reviews are dead. Take 5 minutes to give employees the feedback they need to move forward in their careers. Get out from behind the desk and take your performance reviews mobile and improve employee performance and productivity. Visit iRevü: http://engagiant.com/

About Red Branch:

Red Branch Media is a full-service marketing agency, specializing in employer branding with targeted skills in web development, client communications, content creation, management and distribution, public relations, graphic design, social media management, email marketing, strategy and SEO. We know integrated marketing strategy, and we’re proud of it. See what we can do: https://redbranchmedia.com/about-red-branch/