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Employees Becoming Brand Advocates on Social Media

Most companies are on social media these days. It’s a great way to connect with their target audience and build their employer brand. But some companies are making a mistake… they’re not getting their employees involved. Businesses have always asked their employees to be brand advocates by promoting the company and its products and services to their friends and family. Those friends and family are now easily engaged online on a daily basis. Your employees represent you in public relations, marketing and customer service. Why wouldn’t you want to get your employees online promoting you?

Getting your employees involved in social media turns them into brand advocates. Your employees are your biggest and best asset when it comes to attracting and building relationships on social media. Some of your employees might hold more online reach and influence than your CEO, maybe even more than your company. Regardless of your employees social media reach they can help you achieve your brand goals.


A recent study from Microsoft Corp, highlighted positive correlations between social media usage in the office, employee retention and productivity. Taking a moment to check Twitter or to read a few Facebook posts helps to break up the employee’s day. It gives them a chance to clear their heads, reduce fatigue and gives them a quick mood boost.

On average, the most productive employees take 17-minute breaks for every 52 minutes of work. Your employees’ happiness affects your brand’s social success. Some of the top companies to work for are also some of the most successful companies in social media.


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So how do you convince your employees to help support your brand?

1. Create fans of your employees

Much like you are trying to do with your customers you should do with your employees. You need to focus on ways to connect with your employees through your social channels. Figure out what employees care about and share that on your pages.


2. Give them control

An easy way to make their voice heard is by giving them control of your channels. It’s always important to have a policy in place should anyone get a little crazy, but if this is monitored and celebrated, why wouldn’t someone want to take a break and play around on social? Try a company like Dynamic Signal to support this.


3. Create a plan of action

Make sure your efforts are providing value to your company. You want to have everyone on board including your leaders. To include: key personnel, any necessary tools, messaging guidelines and distribution channels.


4. Find your brand advocates

Select people who are already excited about your company and who would be excited to get more involved. You don’t want this to be a chore or something that will overwhelm people. Social media is supposed to be fun!


5. Make sharing easy

You can do this by sending interesting social media updates through email or an internal forum like Yammer. This will help increase your reach and get employees on the same page with your company strategy.


It doesn’t matter how large your company is, your employees are the face of your company.  If you aren’t motivating them to be brand advocates, you are missing out! Do you have any other tips on how you get your employees to become brand advocates? Let me know in the comments below!