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3 Hilarious Things Designers Are Doing to Spite the Coronavirus Pandemic

It’s August 2020, and the Coronavirus doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. The good news? The designers of the design community have decided to spite this virus by turning it into comic relief. How might you ask? Blunt relevance and accuracy of the daily lives millions are living right now. See them all below!


Don’t underestimate the power of good humor. These designers, (including Juan Jullien and his comic above) featured in “Graphic Designers Get Creative to Circulate Helpful Advice During Coronavirus Outbreak” by Natashah Hitti on Dezeen, have created some comic relief gold. One that’s scary accurate for myself is this one below. I’ve been a homebody my entire life, so I guess I’m just calling it “quarantining” now. Which comic is your favorite, because quite frankly, they’re just all amazing. Check them out!

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#Coronavirus might still be hitting the U.S. hard, but you can rely on some humor from the #design community in this article from @RedBranch! Click To Tweet


These masks likely wouldn’t have existed if it weren’t for COVID-19. Thanks to the design heroes who made these masks that are featured in the article, “The Funniest Face Masks on the Internet” by Joshua Sargent on Chron, you can get one for yourself. From human or animal mouths, to witty phrases, these masks are diamonds in the rough. Why wear a boring mask when you could wear these? Prove to the naysayers that wearing a mask is cool. Check them all out here!

Image Credit: Chron & FOXYROXYCO on Etsy.com


Don’t test your fellow designers. They can use their powers for good, and in this case, it’s to stop the “anti-mask” trend. It’s important to stay safe out there, and if you’re not wearing a mask you’re putting people at risk, including RBG! Don’t worry, the design community contributed their wit and skills to their local businesses and can be seen in the article “5 Signs That Cleverly Display Stores’ Mask Policies for Customers” by Robin Zlotnick on Distractify. Check out their great work.

Image Credit: Distractify & Twitter

While it seems like this virus is going to stick around for a while, we need to keep each other safe. And if you’re bored at home, you can always re-read this article or share it with a friend. If you’re feeling really inspired, you can design your own awesome, one-of-a-kind face mask, and while you’re at it – make a second one & ship it to a friend. Stay safe out there!