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Leadership HERstory: Which Famous Queen Are You Based on Your Leadership Style?

By Cassandra Jahn & Jimmy Schleisman:

History remembers many empires of Rome, Persia, England, etc. for their notable kings, czars and other famous rulers. The one thing they all have in common? A vast and overwhelming majority of them were powerful men. History likes to leave out the ruling women making decisions and, honestly, getting shit done.

We’re here to give them their much-deserved spotlight. Let’s talk about HERstory. The indomitable queens, empresses and pharaohs who lead the charge and brought the developing world to what it is today have as much of a place in the record books as their male counterparts.

Put that crown on your head girl, cuz you’re royalty! Take this quiz and find out which famous queen matches your #leadership strategies: Click To Tweet

So, which fierce and fearless leader do you represent the most? Are you a Queen Bee like Beyoncé? Or a tycoon empress like Catherine the Great? Take this leadership quiz and discover how you rule: