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Our New Website: Put a Face to the Name

The goals were simple. Say who we are and show what we do.

When it came time to evolve our digital storefront into a newer model, we went back to basics to create a website true to our culture, our personality, and our people. We create beautiful custom websites for our clients day in and day out. But when it came to window dressing our own web presence, it felt different. We weren’t marketing products or software, we were marketing ourselves.


Smartphone usage is up 394%, and tablet usage is up a whopping 1,721% as these platforms now combine to account for 60% of digital media time spent.

Smartphone and tablet usage account for 60% of digital media time spent. Click To Tweet

Sure, our website is fully responsive and SEO optimized. We have lead capturing forms, tracking codes and analytics too. But a functional site wasn’t what we set out to do. Hell, any agency can do that. If nothing else, our website would scream our personality to anyone with their ears open.

So what did we do in a world that is drowning in stock photography, empty promises, and phony sales pitches? We slapped our faces on each of our web pages. Seriously. Want branding and design? Meet Kyle.  Need social media management? Meet Shalaina. Digital ads? Meet Eric.

You get the picture.

We had a half day photo shoot where we took headshots, department collaboration shots and general ‘we-have-a-refurbished-industrial-building’ office shots. We pulled our video of our famed ‘Eatin Meetin, trolled our Instagram for culture easter eggs and snapped some random selfies. Pooling our resources showcased our team personality better than any about page ever could. This also solved the problem of everyone thinking that Red Branch Media was still just Maren Hogan, effectively moving our team front and center.

We Don’t Coast

We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. But we’ve also lost clients. Sometimes the fit isn’t there. It could be traditionalist and rigid strategic goals, unreasonable KPIs, or just an unwieldy personality. Or maybe it’s our progressive voice, our futuristic thinking or dichotomous visions. Whatever the reason, sometimes the fit just isn’t right. Often that mismatch happens before the proposal is even sent.

Our website is the first line of defense before a bad business deal. We pushed our limits in design, copy writing and UX to show prospective clients, and current ones, what we’re capable of, what is important to us and what the possibilities would be for them.  When you hire Red Branch Media, you know who and what you’re getting. All our pricing is listed, clear deliverables and our preferred methods of working help our future clients to select in…or out.

Building the Branch

Our new jobs page dares new hires to join our team. We have a fun, energetic, hipster and results-oriented work environment, but it doesn’t work for everyone. We are liberal with autonomy, lax on process and procedure and constantly investing in the skills and development of our employees. But to work here, and work here well, a work ethic, a culpability, and a drive must be met every day.

Deloitte found 94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success.

Our website tells our story so new hires know exactly what they’re going to get from day one and if they can imagine themselves included. And just like our client forms and landing pages, we very clearly delineate who will survive here and who will wither away.

94% of execs and 88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is vital to business success. Click To Tweet

Hello, my name is…

We don’t have hundreds of employees working on hundreds of projects. We have Kristine creating a stats video and Jeremy working on the mobile site navigation. We are a small agency working on select client accounts delivering stunning work. We give personal detail and service to each and every part of client’s account. We are not for everyone, but we could be a perfect fit for you.

Our irreverent tone, clever copywriting and unique layout are all nods to the fast, punchy agency we are. We demand excellence (and get it) but we’re also down for a quick game of ping-pong. Our team works hard to make goals in ramped up timelines but we also have no dress code and sometimes…puppies in the office.

In the first week the site went live, we received six new leads and the traffic climbs ever higher! We’re thrilled with the look and feel of our new…look and feel. Soon, we’ll be redesigning our blog to showcase our growing animation and video department, building out our employer branding resource center and of course, creating pages to speak directly to industries we’ve been working with like finance, non-profit, software, government, and education.

Haven’t seen it yet? Go Explore!