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#OmahaGives: A Day of Charitable Giving

May 24th marked the 5th annual 24-hour charitable challenge, #OmahaGives! A day where we all come together as a city and donate to local charities we feel are important and will result in the betterment of our community. This year resulted in over $7.7 million being donated to over 900 charities all across the Omaha metro!

Here at the Branch, we all decided to join in on the donations and give to those charities we hold most dear. See below to find out where each Brancher decided to make a difference and why:

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ACLU of Nebraska

I love this foundation because they work to extend rights to segments of our population that have traditionally been denied their rights. The ALCU works to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties that the Constitution guarantees to everyone. – Eric Foutch (@erockfoutch)

Big Brothers & Big Sisters of the Midlands

This nonprofit is special to me because it supports the underprivileged youth in our community by placing them with Big Brothers and Big Sisters who are there to mentor and support them. Many of the children may come from single parent homes, live in poverty or have incarcerated parents. I’ve been looking into signing up to be a Big Sister myself this year. I thought a great way to kick that off would be to donate to them today for Omaha Gives! – Shaley McKeever (@Miss_Shaley)

Promise 4 Paws Senior Dog Sanctuary

I chose Promise 4 Paws Senior Dog Sanctuary because they provide a loving home environment for senior dogs. They rescue senior dogs and strive to give them a comfortable and normal life for the remainder of their time here on earth. At this sanctuary you won’t see dogs in kennels, you will see them roaming the yard, napping in big dog beds and chewing on toys. – Erin O’Gara (@Erin_RBM)

Boys Town

I grew up around this church and community. They do an amazing job bringing in troubled youth and turning their life around through community, education and advancement opportunities. Honored to support legendary Boystown in the Omaha community. – Kerry Pivovar (@kerrypivovar)

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Dream is a mentoring center for at-risk Omaha youth. They hold a special place in my heart because I have worked with organizations similar to Dream in the past and the impact these professionals make on young people’s lives is so beautiful to watch and contribute to. Children who come to their center are offered sports programs, after-school activities, and mentoring, providing the children with a comfortable setting to discuss, learn and grow. – Noelle Murphy (@NoelleBellLynne)

E.T. Farms Animal Rescue

E.T. Farms Animal Rescue is another great charity because they are family-owned, take animals of all size no matter what and provide education to adopters on the importance of spay and neuter services. They truly have a passion for what they do and I love the support they give every animal that comes through their doors. – Noelle Murphy (@NoelleBellLynne)

City Sprouts

City Sprouts is an amazing nonprofit because it’s dedicated to promoting and educating people on local, sustainable foods. They work to establish neighborhood gardens, teach people about sustainable farming, and improve the overall health of our community. And when it comes down it, local food just tastes better. I look forward to seeing a more environmentally friendly and locally sustainable future in Omaha.  – Kendra Tallman (@kendra_rbm)

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland

In the complicated world of healthcare, there’s only one institution that provides no-questions-asked care to anyone in need. I chose Planned Parenthood because I want to fund the future health of men, women and their children, no matter what hardships they’re enduring or what turn healthcare takes in the coming years. – Marissa Litty (@MarissaLitty)

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland is an important non-profit because, through health services, education, and advocacy they continue to help the community with their healthcare needs no matter what kind of situation an individual may find themselves in. To me, contributing to their commitment means a brighter future for the world of healthcare. – Shalaina Ocasio (@ShalainaRBM)

Nebraska Humane Society

This foundation has always meant a lot to me due to their dedication to education and animal care. I am a bonafide animal lover and have always wanted to help those who are unable to help themselves. In this world, we need to work towards building each other up and taking care of one another. How can we expect to do that if we can’t even care for the smallest of creatures? I am choosing to donate to the NEHS as a way to build a stepping stone in the right direction and help the defenseless. – Stevie Howard (@Stevie_RBM)


The mission of the Women’s Center for Advancement (WCA) is important to me because they help those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault achieve safety and empower them to lead self-determined lives. Having people in my life who have battled with empowerment after abuse has profoundly impacted the way I view domestic violence and victims. I have tremendous respect for the way this organization gives back. Stay safe… Grow strong!  – Christine Harris (@ChristineRBM)

Child Saving Institute

The Child Saving Institute has worked passionately for 125 years serving pregnant women, young parents, foster parents, biological families, infants and kids of all ages to ensure all children in our community are safe, well-cared-for and loved. From training to shelter to adoption and foster care, the Child Saving Institute works to have childhood be a safe, happy time to learn and grow. – Jeremy Hogan (@jphogan)