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#NowPlaying: RBM’s Favorite One-Hit Wonders (& RBM’s Most Memorable Moments)

Red Branch Media has made an impact not only in its origin city of Omaha, Nebraska, but we’ve made our mark nationwide AND globally. As another year comes to a close, we wanted to take a look back and honor our most memorable moments and milestones. Because of that, we were inspired to create a brand new Spotify playlist! As we look back at all our achievements, our branchers looked back to their favorite songs throughout the decades, more specifically, those one-hit wonders. Listen to RBM’s favorite one-hit wonders at the bottom of the article!

September 2016: SocialHRCamp was Hosted at the RBM HQ

Maren Hogan presents at Social HR Camp 2016
This was the first large event we’ve ever hosted. When our friends at SocialHRCamp decided to have an event in Omaha, Nebraska, we were thrilled to offer to host the event at our very own HQ. The event was a great success, and even our very own Maren Hogan presented tips and tricks from her repertoire. It was so successful we continued with an after-party in downtown Omaha!

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October 2016: The Time Maren Hogan Was an Emcee at LinkedIn Talent Connect

Maren Hogan Presents LinkedIn Talent Connect in Vegas 2016
Watch as Maren Hogan Stars in LinkedIn’s Official Promo Video!

What was one of the coolest things we’ve done? Our CEO, Maren Hogan, was once invited to host LinkedIn’s Talent Connect Event! Back in 2016, Maren killed it by hosting the live-streamed event in Vegas – while the rest of the branchers watched it in real-time back at RBM HQ. LinkedIn loved Maren so much that they even made a professional promo video in which she stars (play the video above)!

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February 2018: RBM Wins a Nebraska Addy for Our First Self-Promo Video We Created

Jeremy Hogan, Kristine Osborne, and Maren Hogan pose with 2018 Addy Award for Best Promotional Video

Speaking of being a star, Red Branch Media’s first-ever official promo video was such a hit that we won a Nebraska Addy Award in 2018. It was so great to be invited to the Addys ceremony, where our video won in the category of Film, Video, & Sound for the Advertising Industry and Self-Promotion. Watch this epic video of ours below! Do you recognize the voice in the video? That’s our very own Maren Hogan delivering a professional voiceover to dub over the video.

Watch RBM’s Official Promo Video that Got Us the Win!


June 2019: Eric Named Managing Partner at RBM to form the Partnership Team with Maren Hogan and Jeremy Hogan

Jeremy Hogan and Eric Foutch become partners of Red Branch media, pose with Maren Hogan
Only a few months after we won our Addy, Eric Foutch was named a managing partner of Red Branch Media, thus forming the Partnership Team with CEO Maren Hogan and COO Jeremy Hogan. As RBM continues to grow, the partnership team was created to ensure the company can rely on this special team to manage, guide, and protect the well-being of Red Branch Media as it becomes a larger entity.

September 2019: Red Branch Media Wins The Greater Omaha Chamber’s Small Business of the Month

2019 Omaha Chamber AwardsWatch the Full Interview at the RBM HQ:

Read the Full Press Article Here:
September Small Business of the Month: Red Branch Media

In September 2019, RBM was recognized by The Omaha Chamber of Commerce as September’s Small Business of the month. Along with being recognized as a star business of Omaha, Maren Hogan received RBM’s award in person at The Greater Omaha Chamber (as seen above). In addition to our in-person award, a professional 5-minute documentary about Red Branch Media was filmed in our HQ (watch it above). This award was a great honor, and the trophy still resides in Maren’s home!

November 2019: When Flywheel Chose to Shoot a Full-Scale Success Story of Their Success with Red Branch Media

Flywheel Promo Video Interview Set Up
Watch the Full Interview at the RBM HQ:

Read the Full Case Study Here:
A reliable WordPress partner Red Branch Media can trust

Red Branch Media has been hosting its sites through a local, trusted WordPress hosting partner, Flywheel, for years. This Omaha company has grown to be so successful that they were recently acquired by WordPress hosting giant, WP Engine. And what’s even cooler than that? This company chose to shoot a full-scale success story of its success with Red Branch Media. We filmed in November 2019, and the official video interview and case study was posted in April 2020. Watch the video and read the case study above!

March 2020: RBM Becomes a Fully Remote, 100% Work from Home Company

RBM goes fully remote in March 2020
#ICYMI, We Created a Marketing Video During COVID-19:

When the pandemic hit in 2020, RBM made sure to keep safety top of mind. We officially went full remote in March 2020 because of the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic. After working through a year of uncertainty, RBM stands strong and is still thriving. Because our work from home skills were mastered, we can run our company 100% remotely, and ever since the pandemic, we’ve been working from home. Check out our first WFH office set ups above!

November 2022: RBM Created & Launched the Most Websites Ever Launched in a Single Year as an Agency.

Graphic showing multiple website facesOn average, the Red Branch Media team can create a full-scale website from scratch in about a 3-month timeline. This includes creating 3 brand identities/directions, wireframing, designing all web pages, writing copy for all web pages, working with the client with direction, feedback, copy, and design editing, developing all pages, adding custom coding, setting up WordPress hosting and adding SSL certificates, adding SEO for all pages, quality assurance checks, adding redirects, and finally launching. It’s an impressive offering we have at Red Branch Media, and we usually can launch about 7-8 websites a year. This year, we are set to break our record with a total of 9 website launches! Check out our most recent site launches below:

Red Branch Media has done some amazing things, and we continue to do so. We know that nothing we’ve done, has been alone, so we thank our amazing team of branchers that have gotten us to where we are today. As we pay homage to our branchers, awards, milestones, and accolades, we wanted to pay homage to our favorite songs, more specifically, those one-hit wonders. Listen to RBM’s favorite one-hit wonders playlist below!

"RBM One-Hit Wonders" typed over a walkman cd player with headphones

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