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You’ll NEVER guess what Maren’s favorite 4th of July memory is…



Let’s hear it for the Red, White and Blue!

Especially the RED, of course! We are SO freaking excited about the holiday weekend here at Red Branch Media. We can’t even sit still in our seats… I’m hoping you are just as excited about celebrating the Fourth of July tomorrow, and in case you aren’t I’ve asked our Red Branchers to share their favorite things about Independence Day!

“Boating, Tubing, Jet Skiing, basically anything on the water!!” – Eric Foutch

“hmmm let’s see… wearing cute jean shorts, eating outside, throwing smoke bombs at my sister, and playing football with my cousins.”  – Kerry Pivovar

“Best thing about the 4th of July is that it’s a wonderful time to see family, eat some barbecue, and light up some fireworks. Unfortunately, it’s illegal in Massachusetts.” – Fernando Ramirez

Well, that sucks Fernando! Thankfully here in the good ol’ Midwest we are free to do as we please. Courtney shows us just how free we actually are…

“My favorite thing about the 4th is getting drunk and shooting Roman candles at Maren.” – Courtney McGann

So this must be what led to Maren’s interesting answer… she shared with us that her favorite memory of the Fourth of July was,

“The year I burned my boob.” – Maren Hogan

I mean, I guess if you’re into that stuff! Maybe she didn’t understand the question? Marissa’s favorite memory is…

“When I was growing up (in Florida), my dad and his best friend always bought a ton of fireworks and put on a show that was so long and amazing that our neighbors planned for it every year. We’d even see lawn chairs in drive ways a few streets over on either side. It pretty much involved the whole neighborhood by the time I was 10.” – Marissa Litty

“My favorite memory is going to Courtney and Maren’s sister’s house and playing Polish Horseshoes, shooting Roman Candles at each other, and dancing to music.” – Eric Foutch

“Every year we had a neighborhood bicycle parade for the kids, and we’d deck our bikes out in red, white and blue! Then we would go to the Country Club for the Annual 4th of July Party. We had swimming contests, a carnival, a huge dinner with a band, and a firework show put on over the entire lake! It was always the best day of my childhood!” – Shaley McKeever

“My favorite memory was going to the July 4th Colorado Rockies game. Then going and laying on the grass in right field while watching humungo fireworks.” – Kerry Pivovar

Fireworks seem to be a definite favorite of the Red Branch Media team! Take a look what the Branchers have planned for this year’s Fourth of July Celebration!

“I plan on eating lots of homemade treats (ice cream especially), grilling out,—- and blowing up everything in sight with my friends and family.” – Kristine Osbourne

“This year, my fiance and I will be sharing our last 4th of July together unmarried! We will be having a grill out at my house, and will be lighting off the tons of fireworks my dad bought for us!” – Kyle Christensen

Awe, I love this! Congrats to Kyle on his upcoming marriage! And ironically, Sarah shares with us the most depressing news of all:

“I’m going to a wedding.” – Sarah Duke

I say, it better be an open bar! Anyways, we all hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend celebrating the Fourth of July! Share with us in the comments your favorite memory or your plans for this Independence Day!