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#Podcast: 5 Productivity Hacks

Missed a few days at work? It wasn’t more than a month or two ago that I was hopping on planes, staying in hotels and speaking at conferences around the nation. Spending nearly a month on the road took its toll on my task list. Deliverables were piling, new business was booming and I was only creating potential for more of both with all my networking. Instead of panicking, I established a plan.

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In this podcast, I’m sharing the practiced and perfected organization tactics I used to survive one of my busiest times. I’ll also provide a few useful Red Branch tested and approved productivity tools and resources.

In this Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • Hacks and techniques to sort email smarter and more efficiently
  • How to best prioritize your time to get more done, quickly
  • Various adaptable task list structures you can implement immediately
  • How to manage your team and their needs without going insane
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Red Branch Productivity Resources

I mention a few useful resources in this episode. Below are links to each!

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