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#RedBranchWeekly: Who Won the Race? The Tortoise or the Hare?

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

#RedBranchWeeklyIf you’ve ever heard the old fable of the great race between the Tortoise and the Hare, then you know the winner was the Tortoise! The Hare, who started the race off quick, became tired and took a nap, while the tortoise passed him… and WON! We noticed something similar in one of our client’s articles this week: Why Hire Slow, Fire Fast may not be the Best Advice. It was originally thought that taking your time to hire, and firing fast was the way to go. However, Visibility Software is finding that may not be the way to win the recruiting race. Click here to find out why you should take the tortoise approach when it comes to firing, and take the hare approach when it comes to hiring!

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This week in the #RedBranchWeekly:

A Futuristic Look at Performance

How we track performance and act on performance metrics is changing rapidly. Your traditional one-size-fits-all KPIs and annual reviews of corporate past are antiquated. Performance is a vital metric in business, but many organizations aren’t aware that the methods they are using aren’t efficiently tracking or improving performance.  Read more…

How to Convince a Combative Hiring Manager to Change

We all have routines. These daily and weekly routines can be hard to break or even change. Recruiters love the concept of video interviewing replacing traditional interviews, but it can be tough to get the hiring manager on board. While video interviewing saves more than time, money, and effort, hiring managers may balk at having to change their routine. What they don’t know is that using video interviews over traditional interviews enhances employer brand and candidate experience. Therefore, to help you pitch the idea of implementing video interviewing technology into your hiring process, we have compiled some possible reactions you may be faced with along with some great responses.  Read more…

4 Reasons Measuring Engagement is Crucial in Business

Despite popular belief, employee engagement doesn’t consist of the activities your workforce enjoys in common, or the fact that your Christmas party had an 85% turn out (especially if there’s free booze). Employee engagement is a measure of an employee’s relationship with their organization. It’s a measure of how passionate a worker is about their work, and how much discretionary effort they put toward the success of the organization. So yeah, those things are pretty important to measure!  Read more…

The Art of Headhunting: More Than Your Average Recruiter

Recruiters are responsible for bringing in candidates who are the best of the best. However, they can only gather the most innovative and proficient talent pool to select from if they have the right tools. Even if they are the right tools and skills, there is always the chance they could be used better. Technological tools are constantly developing, and you can’t use tools you don’t have the skills for. Without the good communication skills behind the latest and greatest technology, your SEO will only get the company’s reputation so far with candidates. Read more…

Why Hire Slow, Fire Fast May Not Be the Best Advice

Budding companies don’t have the luxury that their larger counterparts have to leisurely find their dream catch or candidate. They are pressed for time as they grow under pressure of their clients. Slow is simply not an option in the grand scheme of things. But even larger companies who have the resources to take their time in finding that perfect new hire, strain their current employees with a higher workload.  Read more…

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