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The Lazy Man’s Guide To Ambition

This article on Ambition was originally published in January 2019. All relevant information and statistics have been updated as of January 2023.

Now that you’ve read up on our first two values, Curiosity and Grit, let’s dive into our 3rd: Naked Ambition! Everyone at the Branch strives and continues to push the envelope continuously. Whether it be by attending conferences, conducting research, or trial and error, there’s a reason we’re the best.

Stop being lazy and read our definitions of how we work ambitiously every day at the Branch!

Naked Ambition is the desire to push yourself to the next level without JUST outside factors being the sole purpose (deadlines, compensation, because you have to). It is striving to do something because you see how it can benefit you in the future, broadening your horizons. It’s also not being afraid to ask for help from those who have done it before and from those who can learn with you.

– Cassandra

I view naked ambition as a catalyst toward a goal I want to achieve. It creates a drive that empowers me to do the hard work because I want that winning culmination-type feeling.

– Carissa

Lindsay Naked Ambition

I interpret naked ambition as the internal desire to keep pushing forward, despite the naysayers. It’s setting a goal, opening yourself to vulnerability, taking informed risks, and having the conviction to succeed!

– Terri

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Naked ambition is a strong desire to move forward and succeed no matter what obstacles one might face. It’s an inner drive that helps you stay motivated when working toward your goals.

– Eric

Natalie Naked Ambition

When you’re committed to trying new things, setting new goals, testing limits, and fearlessly charging into uncharted territory simply because you know the outcome could be more impressive than anything you’ve ever accomplished before… that’s naked ambition.

– Ashlei

For me, ambition is the fight to achieve one’s goals in life. The willingness & vigor to face & overcome any obstacle that may prohibit us in our effort to achieve the goals in life that we so desire.

– Nick

Naked ambition is the bold determination to achieve your goals openly and without apology. It’s the willingness to punch your fears and failures in the face and keep pursuing your dreams.

– Angela

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Naked ambition is ambition that is extremely obvious.

– Anna

Naked ambition is the unabashed determination to do better, to learn more, to be where the market is heading before it gets there. All without apology. There will be mistakes, hurdles and missteps along the way, but the end result will be far beyond what could’ve been accomplished with hesitation and doubt.

– Jeremy

Ambition is being committed to always take the initiative to push ourselves further than we’ve ever gone before. To always strive to do better, be better, and meet each challenge with enthusiasm and determination to overcome until we’ve succeeded in reaching and even surpassing our goals.

– Andrea

Naked ambition is knowing what goals or dreams you want to achieve and making them happen.

– Zuny

Naked ambition is the determination to chase your goals, dreams, or ideas with reckless abandon, regardless of external factors.

– January

Caitlin Naked Ambition

For me, naked ambition means the power to stir the imagination. You can inspire others to aim for the stars by setting visible and lofty goals for yourself. However, for streakers, naked ambition has an entirely different connotation.

– Shawn

Naked ambition is the ever-constant drive to never be second best. It’s about wanting to be better tomorrow than you were today and embracing the mentality that there are always ways to can learn and grow.

– Jake

Naked Ambition is the will to work harder than everyone in the room and always strive for perfection.

– Hailey

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