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10 Video Insider Articles to Take Your Videos from Amateur to Expert

By Kristine Osbourne:

In a content-heavy and short-attention-span world, video marketing is the rising star when it comes to sharing your brand, product or story. 81% of businesses are utilizing video in their 2018 marketing efforts.

The video space can be overwhelming to break in to, so we scoured the internet for the best insider video tips, tricks and trends.

Here are the 10 best articles to elevate your videos from amateur to expert:

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1. Video Tutorial: 5 Quick Tips For Getting Started In After Effects — Todd Blankenship

What’s great about this article: The article is a quick read and highlights 5 tips that will help you go from iMovie to After Effects. Don’t like to read? Are you more of a visual learner? This article also contains a video and great screenshots.

2. Youtube Branding: Lower Third Tips and Templates — Dacia Egurrola

What’s great about this article: It not only spotlights the hottest lower third tips and templates, it gives the reader links to the templates to buy and download.

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3. 25 Tips & Tricks to Master Your After Effects Workflow — Jason Boone

What’s great about this article: Who doesn’t love shortcuts? More shortcuts = Faster editing. This article has 25 shortcuts to optimize your video editing.

"Never taken a shortcut before?

4. Best Stock Music Tracks of 2018 — Dom Hennequin

What’s great about this article: Looking through stock music… well… sucks. It’s hard to find good stock music that doesn’t make you think of a cheesy infomercial. In this article, discover 15 “jam-sesh” worthy stock music tracks that will make your video sing.

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5. 13 Reasons You Should Use After Effects Templates — Pixflow

What’s great about this article: Many designers are afraid to utilize templates. They think templates are beneath them or it devalues their skillset. However, I have found that templates not only speed up the video process BUT are a great tool to teach beginners on how to do something new in After Effects. I have learned so many tricks because of templates. This article is a great jumping off point on the positives of using templates.

6. How to Create Your First Product Demo Video as a Total Newbie — Benjamin Brand

What’s great about this article: Creating your first demo video can be overwhelming. This article breaks down the demo process into steps, videos and tools any writer or videographer can easily understand and use.

7. 15 After Effects Tips from Best-Selling Motion-Graphic Artists — Jobert Monteras

What’s great about this article: Motion graphics are hot in the 2018 video industry. Motion-graphic work can be cumbersome at first, but the more you work with it the more tips and tricks you will pick up. This article highlights new motion-graphic tips any level of video editor can start implementing today.

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8. 4 Ways to Take Your Editing to the Next Level with After Effects — Jason Boone

What’s great about this article: The article dissects 4 ways to elevate your video. It highlights how you can use After Effects as your go-to video editing tool. It’s brief but in-depth. It’s the perfect quick read. It also contains great links to resources to help you learn more and speed up your editing.

9. Production Tip: How to Optimize Your Audio Levels — Robbie Janney

What’s great about this article: Optimizing audio is really hard… especially when you have no musical talent. This article emphasizes you don’t have to be an audio engineer to elevate your video audio. The article contains a great video tutorial and simple audio tricks video beginners and experts can use.

10. 9 Video Marketing Ideas You Can Try in 2018 — Jason Hsiao

What’s great about this article: Like anything, you can easily fall into a video rut of creating the same look and feel for every video. Companies can make more than just demo videos. I love this article because it describes new video ideas anyone at a company can implement.

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