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5 Tools to Boost your Video Marketing Efforts on Social Media

By Guest Author: Anthony Bergs

We are living in the digital era. Over the years, video marketing has been the primary form of promotion for many businesses. According to a survey, videos traffic will constitute around 80% of all consumer internet traffic. One of the primary reasons for the boom in video content is that creating videos has now become easier than ever. With the emergence of new video tools, it has become convenient for even beginners to create beautiful videos that attract customers. You just need a compelling story or script, and you can turn it into an impactful video. In fact, you can use sites like Upwork, Writers Per Hour, etc. to hire professionals scriptwriters in minutes for your next video project.

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Why use Video Marketing

Today, all of us spend significant time on social media. We also love to understand things visually rather than reading about them. Since, a video shows the information about the concept beautifully by using animations, pictures, etc., it looks more attractive and appealing to customers of all ages. A good video helps you get better engagement than plain text or simple images.

When to use Video Marketing

Although, you can use video marketing to promote any product or service, using videos in the following scenarios will not only boost engagement but will also improve your productivity:

  • New product launches
  • Adding new features to the existing product
  • Answering FAQs
  • Replying to suggestions/feedback/comments from users on your blog post
  • Introducing new team members to the organization
  • Promotion of events, coupons or discounts

Tools to create awesome videos quickly

Use the following five tools to boost your video marketing efforts:

1. Wideo

Wideo is one of the best video creating tools that helps you in creating beautiful videos. You just need to drop the elements you need into the video builder. It becomes easy for you to create animated videos using Wideo, even if you do not know anything about creating videos. Try this tool to create a video of your choice.

2. Biteable

Biteable is another tool that works wonders in creating videos. They provide you with a variety of animated video templates created by their designers to choose from. You may start with using one of their templates to create your video. You can also customize your content using this tool. It’s super easy to share your content on social media. They also provide you with options for different soundtracks to add to your video.

3.  Animatron

Animatron allows you to learn the art of video making and animation professionally in a short span of time. They offer you two platforms- Animatron Wave, for creating social videos that help you share on different social platforms and Animatron Studio, for making creative banners and html5 animations.

4.  Picovico

This tool helps you in creating beautiful videos in a few simple steps. It offers videos for professional and personal use. This tool converts your photos into stunning videos in a jiffy. The videos can be exported to your social media profiles.

5.  Sellamations

Sellamations is an amazing tool to create animated doodle videos. This tool helps in creating highly engaging videos that help you in conveying a message to your viewers in a clear and concise manner. You can also get your custom character created precisely for your video.

Videos are key to a brand’s marketing on social media.You can increase your website traffic by making good use of the above-mentioned tools. A good video will boost your brand image significantly. Remember that it is critical to making videos which will help your users attain a particular goal. Blatant self-promoting videos will hardly be noticed by internet users.

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