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3 Things You HAVE to Know Before Attending #HRTechConf

#HRTechConfWe’ve got the lowdown.

Seriously. The HR Tech Conference is no joke! Just because it’s in Vegas does not mean it’s all fun and games. Nothing can quite prepare you for the #HRTechConf in Vegas like the Las Vegas & the HR Technology Conference Guide from Blogging4Jobs, sponsored by our clients GreenJobInterview and ClearCompany! Plus, don’t miss out on the Red Branchers’ guide: The 10 Things We Hate About #HRTechConfDon’t worry it’s not like we really hate #HRTechConf, it’s just an incredible guide of things that can go wrong at the conference in Vegas with tips on how you can be the most prepared! Oh and did we mention… you can win a car?!

Going to the #HRTechConfWin a Fiat!

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