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15 Ways to Manage Your Time Wisely

By Shalaina Ocasio

Everyone has 24 hours in their day, but how you use those hours is what truly matters. It’s common to feel the hours get away from us. We’ve all found ourselves distracted from our goals for the day, whether it’s social media apps, YouTube videos, Netflix binges or just Googling the random questions that pop up in your mind that takes you from the tasks at hand.

According to a recent study, the average U.S. consumer spends five hours a day on their mobile device. That’s equal to about 76 days a year. Imagine what could be done with those extra 76 days a year if we didn’t spend so much time on our mobile devices! This just goes to show that most of us don’t need more hours in the day, we need better time management skills.

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It’s crucial we develop healthy approaches to time management and meeting your goals throughout the day and year. Devoting every minute to highly focused work will lead to burnout, but you can’t avoid difficult tasks either. That’s where strategic planning and smart habit building is important. There needs to be balance.

Great time management skills development starts with an evaluation of everything you do in the day, no matter how mundane or habitual. This will help you discover what’s preventing you from reaching your goals and completing tasks from day to day. It will also establish the time commitments of each responsibility and deliverable. Of course, this is just one step of many that can help you manage time better.

How can you take back your day?

Check out this infographic from Custom Writing for 15 ways to manage your time wisely and be a better version of you everyday:

Time Management Skills Infographic