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3 Ways to Improve Your Office’s Coffee Culture Today

Jane Sandwood

Do you have to have a cup of coffee before you can start your day? Then you’re one of the millions of Americans who begins their work day with a cup of joe. One survey found that about 83% of adults drink coffee in the U.S. Most people drink the beverage throughout the day and in the workplace as a new poll indicates that 44% of consumers average two to three cups of coffee per day. Such is the importance of this brew that offices all over the world now have a coffee culture, with some organizations offering free coffee as an employee perk.

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Offices are even making significant changes to boost productivity and coffee culture, such as creating spaces where one can sit and have a chat with colleagues over coffee without having to leave their workspace. If you think your office’s coffee culture can do with a bit of a boost, here are a few things that you can do today to make coffee breaks more enjoyable.

Ask people for their preferences

If you notice that people aren’t drinking the coffee, you may have to do a survey to ask people about their coffee preferences. Ask for suggestions on things that they want to be added to the break room apart from the drip coffee machine. You can also ask about how you can improve the office coffee to get an idea of how to improve your workplace’s coffee culture.

Have something for everybody

A typical office coffee station consists of a drip coffee machine, a few packets of sugar and creamer, some Styrofoam cups and stirrers. To improve your office’s coffee culture, try being inclusive. Have a separate pot for decaf for those who want to consume less caffeine. Provide non-dairy creamer for lactose intolerant employees, as well as sugar alternatives such as stevia for those who are watching their sugar levels. Having equipment to make coffee without using a coffee maker, such as a French press, can also help to boost coffee culture as it enables workers to make their own brew.

Provide pastries during afternoon coffee break

One of the best ways to improve your workplace’s coffee culture is to provide pastries during afternoon coffee break. A few pastries that go well with coffee include croissants, muffins, and danishes, and scones. If it’s not within the office budget, set up a jar where everyone can chip in for office treats and assign someone to be in charge of getting pastries.

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After using the break room, employees must make sure to observe office kitchen guidelines to maintain professional relationships and for better break times. Follow these tips to boost your office’s coffee culture for a more enjoyable and productive workplace.

Jane Sandwood

Jane Sandwood is a freelance writer and content editor with over 10 years’ experience. She decided to move into freelancing to take advantage of the flexibility and work-life balance it offers. When Jane isn’t writing, she is busy spending time with her family. She also enjoys music, reading and traveling whenever she can.

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Note from the Branchers:

Red Branch takes “coffee culture” seriously, literally in our love for coffee and metaphorically. We have a Keurig and an endless supply of biodegradable K cups. Our kitchen also has a drip coffee pot for those who prefer brewed to share. In our refrigerator, you’ll find half in half and a variety of flavored non-dairy creamers. Of course, some of us don’t need or want coffee. We have tea drinkers, decaf dependents and La Croix lovers. We’re provided a water cooler with filtered water of both hot and cold taps. We’ve got a full-sized refrigerator for a collection of sparkling flavored water or whatever else we want to bring from home. And some of us survive on a couple of glances at the bottles of Sauvy B or Cab waiting to be opened on Friday.

That’s the beauty of the coffee culture our guest writer is describing. It’s more than offering free coffee. It’s about providing employees a level of comfort and ease that inspires their best work. There’s no denying that our beverages are often the thing that gets us through the day, whether it be a cuppa or ice cold water. We talk about improving company culture all the time, and this is just one small thing that can make all the difference.

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