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5 Efficient Things You Can Do to Increase Employee Engagement

A single inspirational speech given to a new employee isn’t going to keep them driven and engaged for years to come. Motivating a team requires ongoing support from their leadership, patience, and an empathetic ear. Without the proper motivation, you will quickly see a dip in your profits, low productivity, mounting tension, office disputes, and a high employee turnover rate.

Whether you are thinking about hiring your first employee just now or considering expanding an established business, here are five steps you can take to improve company morale and tap into the potential of every employee you have. 

One inspirational speech to a new employee isn't going to keep them driven and engaged for years. Click To Tweet



Transparency can be a difficult concept for many business owners. Even if you personally believe that your company’s short-term and long-term goals are clear, your employees might be on a different page. Business owners must sit down with their staff and give them a clear outline of the company’s goals and how you hope to achieve them. You must also clearly state your expectations and stick to your word once they understand those expectations. Remember one more thing – no matter the goals, every employee’s workload should be both challenging and fair. 



Those who feel a personal connection to their company are more likely to be proactive in helping it succeed. This starts with your personal relationship with every one of your employees. While you do not need to become best friends, it is vital that they feel a connection to you and their other coworkers.

Small gestures such as remembering their birthday or sending a card on their anniversary can quickly build a positive relationship. That being said, you must remain professional at all times and set clear boundaries. Delving too deep into their personal lives will blur the lines of professionalism and potentially lead to an HR disaster. 



Few things will drive an employee’s morale into the ground as quickly as a dead-end job. The vast majority of professionals will not put in extra work at a job they feel has no future. Offering corporate training is a great way to show your team that you are invested in their future and ready to promote from within.

Corporate training is easier than ever with technology-based programs such as webinars, massive open online courses (MOOCs), and training apps. Employees no longer need to spend their nights or weekends in a classroom in order to enjoy personal and professional growth. Don’t hesitate to provide your workers with adequate education because when they grow, your business grows as well.



Learning to balance praise and criticism is one of the most important skills for a manager to have. There will come a time when you need to give your employees constructive criticism, but it is important to balance that out with praise.

When an employee goes above and beyond, you should acknowledge their achievements as quickly as possible. Even small gestures such as a tap on the back or an afternoon off can have a big impact on their morale. If there is extra money in the budget, a small bonus or promotion could turn a part-time staff member into a lifelong employee. When you give credit to your employees, you make them feel empowered and more motivated.



A little healthy rivalry can be a positive tool, but employees should never feel as if their biggest competition is a coworker. Instead, managers should foster an atmosphere that promotes collaboration and a strong sense of team unity.

In addition to opening up the lines of communication between your employees during work hours, you might also want to have them connect in a more casual setting. Team building exercises, charitable events, or a quick drink after work will give your employees tangible proof that they have an entire company supporting them. 


When your team loses interest in your company and its goals, your profits quickly begin to suffer. However, providing each employee with a path to grow and succeed will reignite their passion and drastically improve productivity. When you combine that deep-seated passion with a sense of camaraderie, you can create a world-class team that is wholly devoted to the success of your company.
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