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Make Flexible Work Scheduling Happen for Your Team

At Red Branch Media, work-life balance is important. And what’s a better way to enhance that balance than flexible work scheduling or a 10-hour shift, so employees have a three day weekend? They still get 40 hours in, but they have a full day off during a typical person’s workweek.

What we once knew as normal has changed. How can we expect to run our business like we used to? Work flex has become increasingly popular as more companies have shifted to a fully remote business plan. One work flex option is to offer a 10-hour shift where employees have the same pay and the same total hours worked, with one less workday. In a time where money might be tight, this is a great benefit to offer to ensure morale is high.

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Since going fully remote after the beginning of COVID-19, Red Branch reevaluated the normal 5-day workweek. Red Branch now offers flexible scheduling and a four 10-hour day option for employees.

If you’re looking for a sign to give your team flex scheduling options, here’s 8 to consider!

  1. Working 10-hours can force employees into a routine.
    • Waking up earlier and going to bed earlier
    • Meal prepping
    • Scheduled workouts
  2. Employees can run errands on their day off (bonus: lines are typically shorter because people are working)
  3. Vacation requests are reduced because employees can take short trips during their extended weekend. If they really want to get wild, suggest using a Friday and the following Monday as both their days of the week off.
  4. Their day off can be what they want it. The weekend can often entail things that aren’t necessarily what they’d love to do (weddings, kid’s activities, errands, etc.). Do they want to read a book in a hammock followed by watching 6 hours of Netflix? Go for it!
  5. Oddly enough, clients will access increased communication because your team is available during hours they wouldn’t typically get responses. No waiting until the next morning for that late afternoon request!
    • This also benefits those that choose to stick with the standard 5-day workweek, as those on the 4-day schedule can engage with clients and pass the communication on to their teammate.
  6. Employees get sh*t done on their day off. Clean, pay bills, do anything they would dread doing during a two-day weekend.
  7. They’ll be encouraged to get work done in spurts. No one wants to leave at the end of the week with a task looming for the following week!
  8. Your employees can focus on work without distractions. It can be easier to focus at the beginning or end of the day because they will have fewer people messaging them or looking for quick assistance.
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With that being said, it’s no secret that 10-hours in one day can feel draining. For the Red Branch employees that choose a 10-hour workweek, here are their tips for making their lengthy 4-day workweek go by in a flash:


  • Take a 30-minute lunch – it’s worth it!
  • If your work allows breaks, take them. Or, split the time up to take multiple breaks throughout the day.
  • Get up and move around periodically. It helps you focus and be more productive.
  • Schedule your appointments on your day off
  • Meal prep. Even if it’s just making your lunch the night before
  • Avoid checking emails on your day off if you know your coworkers can handle the responses.


  • Use your lunch break to make a nice meal. If you have leftovers, you can have them for dinner when you get off.
  • Do a workout, quick Peloton, or fit in a short run.
  • Go outside. Check the mail or soak in some rays.
  • Mid-day shower. It’s honestly, so refreshing!
  • Try not to look at screens during your breaks
  • Don’t sleep in too much on your day off, so you feel like you got the full day to do whatever your heart desired


  • Keep your schedule busy. The hours will fly by if you have a lot on your plate
  • Do chores around the house during breaks so when you are off, you can relax


  • Take a mid-day walk around the block to get some fresh air
  • Start preparing dinner during your break, so you don’t have to do a ton to do right after finishing work


  • Play with your pet during breaks
  • Fit in a 20-minute power nap
  • Designate time for breakfast and lunch
  • Plan for the next day so that when you wake up, the tabs you need are open and ready to go

We hope those tips are helpful and convinced you to offer more options than the typical 5-day, 8-hour workweek for your team! Now that you have the tools to help your team survive a 10-hour shift, check out our helpful guide to keep employees productive and reduce turnover.