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5 Reasons People Love WordPress

By Lucy Davis:

WordPress is the undisputed champion of website content management systems. Accounting for 60% of the CMS market share, it certainly wins all of the popularity contests. But what is it about WordPress that sets it apart from the others? Is it so much better than Drupal or Magento? It is clear that a lot of people favor WordPress over the others, but what does it offer that others fail to deliver?

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Here are 5 reasons WordPress is loved by so many:

Easy-to-use CMS

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to running a website is maintaining/updating the content, so the choice of Content Management System is a big decision. This is particularly true for larger websites that are being regularly updated with new content, news, blogs etc. Website managers want to have simple, easy-to-use features that work for them rather than against them. They want fast and straightforward processes for uploading and updating content. WordPress is considered to be one of the easiest to use CMSs, enabling people to save valuable time.

Jam-packed plugins directory

If you want a website that stands out from the crowd and has features that drive your digital marketing strategy forward, then you probably love the plugins that WordPress has to offer. Never used them before? Plugins are basically a handy piece of software that you can easily install onto WordPress sites to add functionalities or features.

The plugins directory is huge and developers are adding new ones all of the time. Not all plugins are wonderful and having too many of them slows your website down but on the whole, plugins are pretty fantastic at making your website even better. You can get plugins that help you to improve SEO, you can get ones that provide forms, sliders, pretty much anything you could ever need to make your website more effective and/or more attractive.

It is free!!!

You can get WordPress without paying a penny, as it is a free software. You will however, need a web hosting service to run WordPress from. It is probably important to point out that you can choose between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.com is fully hosted, so you do not have to pay hosting fees but you will not have access to the great features that WordPress.org has like the plugins and custom themes.

Guidance and support

The world’s most loved website has more online guidance and support channels than any of the others. From official WordPress tutorials to hosting companies with WordPress experts and designers providing video tutorials via YouTube, whatever you need to learn, there will be plenty of support channels available.

WordPress Support provides forums, documentation, FAQs and guidance on everything that you need to know about. If you need to learn how to optimize an image, you will find loads of online guidance to help you. Or if you want to know why your pages are loading slowly, you will find some helpful person in a forum ready to give you the advice you need.

Amazing themes

When it comes to great website design, you have a few options. First of all, you can pay a highly skilled website designer to provide you with a sleek, professional website design. Or maybe you are a skilled designer yourself, then you can develop a beautiful website that looks fantastic and attracts loads of new customers. Web designers can be costly, so you probably don’t want to fork out thousands of pounds unless you are a big company with a big digital marketing budget.

So what else can you do to get a professional design? You can turn to one of the great themes that are available for WordPress. You can choose from free themes or premium themes, whichever you think will be the best solution for your needs. Themes give you a pre-designed template to work from and you can even choose certain types of business themes. For example, you could choose one that works for property, or maybe a golf club design. Themes take care of the design, so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Lucy Davis

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