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5 Reasons You Should Be Using Periscope

As Periscope and Meerkat get into a never ending race, it’s time to sit back and look at how marketers can use mobile streaming apps to improve their social strategies.

Marketing has long since moved from the traditional billboards and direct mailers to a larger focus on media on the web. Marketers are realizing material that has a chance to go viral can be more affordable and beneficial than traditional marketing practices.

At the core of every social media strategy is your audience. New apps are making it easier than ever to communicate with your audience. Mobile streaming apps are not just a new trend, but they are presenting a significant development in communication, bringing people closer.

So, how do these apps work? You click to stream yourself, then viewers can comment as it is all happening. This eliminates the distance that your audience can experience.


Take a look at my 5 reasons why a mobile streaming app should be in your social media strategy:

1. Louder Promotion

You’ve heard it a ton of times, but videos are much better than text. Especially when it comes to marketing. In fact, internet users spend 88% more time on websites with video. If using video can increase that much imagine what you can do with a live streaming video service? The thrill of catching the promotion in time just got bigger.

Take your new promotion and add live streaming video. You will be able to reach your audience much faster and create the sense of urgency with a live streaming video.


2. Brand Building

Anything live means it’s going to look and feel more real to your audience. Live streaming encourages viewers to relate by giving them little time to reflect and just enough time to feel. Loyalty360 released data that found fully engaged customers are 44% more likely to be loyal to retail brands. All of these important qualities help you shape the personality and identity of your brand.


3. Amplified Strategy

Gaining higher awareness allows you to 1) creatively generate more leads and 2) improve marketing by encouraging loyalty and retention from your customers.


4. Increased Product Familiarity

Regular snippets of your product or service demos increases the general familiarity and gives viewers the feel that they already know how to use it.


5. Easy Engagement

This is probably the most important point, it becomes easier and faster to express and react with live streaming video. Communication is improved which remains the building element of all your relationships. Video content can increase engagement 12 times better than simple text posts.

Live streaming eliminates the communication barrier that exists between the business and the consumer. People that discover your product or service on a live streaming app will have a personal experience with it.

Like always, an increase in exposure means increased caution. Take into account your audience’s reaction before you are encouraging people to share the post. You should really understand your brand and its audience in order to not encounter a bad experience.

Thinking about using Periscope or Meerkat? How are you going to represent your brand on these networks? Watch this space to see if we do it!