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#6things: Whiners, Midshipmen and RecruiterPoetry (Nov. 9)

Here all the things that happened last week and you should definitely know about them to get your workweek started!


So I speak a little bit about employer branding and inevitably, I get pushback that people can’t afford what it takes to create great employer branding videos. Well, get ready to put those excuses on blast because these midshipmen (yes that is a real word in 2015) made the coolest video ever and with a zero dollar budget. WUUUUUUT? I suppose it helps when you’re young, in peak physical condition and already have snazzy outfits. Still, though, get off your poop decks and follow suit. (Popular Military)


Perhaps it’s my optimistic nature or my midwestern location, but it seems like even if the movement is incremental, there’s a lot to be happy about in the October Jobs Reports. While the unemployment rate hasn’t gone down per se (side note: what does per se mean, and no I do not feel like googling it, just tell me.) we gained over 270k jobs and the people working part-time because they can’t find FTE work fell by almost as much. YIPPEE! It also sounds like they’re gonna hike interest rates which I feel like someone said was going to happen in September (and didn’t really). Sucks if you’re in the middle of a refi but it’s good news for the economy because they mostly lower those out of sad, sad pity for the American consumer. (Vox)


This study is depressing, but we need to hear it. I listened to a whole lotta poo-pooing about Justin Trudeau’s decision to make his cabinet REFLECT THE DEMOGRAPHICS OF HIS COUNTRY. Stuff like: “Well what about merit?” or “Shouldn’t this be about who is best for the job?” Which, if you listen real close sounds a lot like, “Bet they can’t find enough women who would be as competent in a cabinet position as a dude.” Anyway, this study (with a SIZABLE sample size) found that while women start out just as hungry as dudes when we all enter the workforce, women tend to lose their ambition (which is not the same as losing your religion so stop thinking about how there was a day when we all thought Michael Stipes was sorta hot) over time. In fact, they lose their ambition due to everyone hating them when they exhibit.
“Women are likely receiving the message that their ambition won’t get them as far as their male colleagues. One study of particularly ambitious and successful employees of both genders found that among those using proactive tactics to get ahead, twice as many men as women actually advanced. Various studies have found that women are not rewarded for pushing to advance or get more pay—they are, in fact, penalized. The words that spring to co-workers’ minds to describe ambitious women include “bossy,” “pushy,” and “abrasive”—not the praise of being “assertive” or a “go-getter” that is lavished on men.”
Egads. American workforce, go home, you’re drunk. (TheNation)


Hey, funs…people are stealing intellectual property, again. Nick Corcodilos (which keeps trying to auto-correct to Crocodiles) AKA Ask the Headhunter was the Charney before there was Charney. He loves taking down the big boys and writes for the jobseeker. This week someone at Lee Hecht Harrison, the world’s most boringly named company, decided to steal from Nick and then also be a giant wad about it, running and hiding. Laurie Ruettimann immediately took them to task and now everyone’s pretending like nothing happened (practicing for family Thanksgivings?) Nick ain’t havin’ it. He took the HR Consulting giant to task for their dishonest and sorta weird behavior. I’m taking them to task for accidentally sending a dismissive email to Laurie instead of the in trouble exec. ALSO, of much lesser importance, we found a weird group keeps stealing our client’s content without attribution (they don’t even change the picture). They’re probably stealing your stuff too. Check! (Ask the Headhunter)


I have a ton of EB resources at my disposal because I’m in this rad group on FB. For the rest of you, there’s this awesome string on FB from James Mayes, chock full of resources to get new employer branding devotees up to speed FAST! Mention in the post, in case you are not lucky enough to be friends with Mr. Mayes, Universum’s blog, Employer Branding College, and Lars’ Hootsuite Stuff. (Facebook)


Will Staney and Carrie Corbin have both been asking around about the newer ATS in the world and specifically around differentiators. If you don’t feel like grabbing the thread yourself, here’s a summary, written in limerick haiku…mmmm. poem with a weird pentameter format:
Greenhouse is pretty but a little lean
While Lever, oddly, costs a lot of green
CRM + ATS, will give the best results, no less
Recruiter box and SmartRecruiters need customization 
But work pretty good for like half of the nation
If you seek an applicant tracking system for work
Ask your friends to avoid looking like a jerk