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6 Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Workweek (Mar. 16)

This is the best column to start your workweek because the HR space never disappoints! In fact, this week was particularly awesome due to the following:


TalentNetLive can indeed go on without Maren. While she misses being part of SXSW and more importantly, TalentNet (formerly known as #TNL) we’re thrilled that it’s grown so big! Miss it too? It’s okay, you can check out #talentnetinteractive to get the learning, if not the “partying at the Jackalope” vibe. (Twitter) 


Yeah, Red Branch Media is diving into the conference pool and we’ve got company (not in a creepy way). We’ve teamed up with Jeff Waldman, Josh Berry, Jason Lauritsen and our local HRAM to present SocialHRCamp in Omaha! Watch this space for tickets. If you’re around here, you gotta come. May 15 – put it on your calendar now, because it’s going to be in our awesome building! (SocialHRCamp)
Maren decided to rip the bandaid off and tell the world how she really feels about list-haterade. Just in time too because Shaley McKeever was named a Top 10 Twitter Account to follow for Company Growth. #sorrynotsorry (Marenated)
We have a pretty casual workplace here at Red Branch Media. In fact, 2015 marks the first year that Maren started wearing shoes to work, but it’s pretty comfy round here, which is why I heart this post by Dina Medeiros. Tweet worthy Tip on how to be ready for video in less than 2 minutes?
“Glasses. Prescription or pretend, it doesn’t matter. You just look smarter and more put together.” (LinkedIn)
Did you know that Nebraska is filled with open-minded creatives? Well it is. Not cows like you probably thought. (Recruiter.com)
Lars Schmidt, a pretty awesome dude and apparently he’s recruited some people this one time, started Random Tweets of Kindness on Twitter. As usual, Maren was late to the game but it’s on the calendar for next time. Lars, when is next time? (Amplify Talent)