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6 Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Workweek (Mar. 23)

It’s that time of the workweek, again! Check out all the happenings from last week to make sure you’re well informed!



To see Mary Ellen Slater’s company Reputation Capital Marketing supporting their employees in this way. If a 5-person agency can do it…why can’t you? (Fast Co)

During a gender diversity panel at SXSW, a male exec was called out for interrupting his female panel guest far more often than he did a male one…by the diversity head at his OWN company. To do: Recognize when you do the same things…it doesn’t just affect males either, Maren realized she interrupts women more often than men too! #bepolite (Feministing)


Robin Schooling called out SHRM for lack of transparency and some other stuff. Read the entire eloquent missive here regarding revenue, compensation, and endless glasses of Chardonnay. And if you aren’t already, subscribe to Robin’s bloggings, it’s brilliant and required reading round here at the Branch! (RecruitingDaily)


SHRM announced its blogging team for this year and not only did Maren land on the list again, but we have another Red Branch writer attending. HR World, meet Sarah Duke, our lead writer at Red Branch Media. You’ll be seeing her in Las Vegas! (SHRM)


From Bryan Chaney on SourceCon about why recruiters are so dang passive aggressive. What IS THAT? (SourceCon)


Chris Lavoie is back at it with a new HR Documentary. Perhaps in response to criticism that Top Recruiter was a little too close to the reality shows one watches on TV, Lavoie produced this trailer for a more serious, sit-down movie that depicts practitioners, vendors and takes a closer look at #HRTech. Thoughts? (Lavoie Entertainment)