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6 Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Workweek (Mar. 9)

Wow, this week was not that snarky but it was pretty awesome! Check out all the awesomeness to get your workweek started!


Maren appeared on IndiaHR this past week with fellow snarkster Matt Charney and The HR Buddy Nisha (@theHrbuddy). We want to know if you’d tune into see Maren and Matt (@mattcharney) argue? Because right now, they do it for free.


Check out how Olgivy made a clutch hire in almost no time! While this is a great post, and we even cribbed some notes from it for a campaign of our own….let’s be real, this is an employer branding win for sure, but hiring a social media manager for one of the largest ad brands in the world….not a super high bar…right?


Jessica Lee (@jessica_lee) is an OG FOT-er (look it up, we’ll wait) anyway, if you want an opportunity to work with this very talented EB superstar, check out this job.


It hasn’t been formally announced yet, but May 15 may be a very exciting date to be in Omaha. PLUS, you can come visit our office. Watch this space.


The SHRM BlogSquad. The whole squad has been announced and there are some familiar (and new!) faces…am I allowed to say Maren’s is one of the old faces?


Crystal Miller (@TheOneCrystal) and Kerry Noone (@KerryNoone) hosted the #EBChat on Thursday and it was lovely. Saw some great conversations with pretty cool kids. As Eric said to Maren, “All your friends are on here.”
Finally, check out this rad cupcake page, if you ever want to work with Red Branch Media!